11. Where can I get more information about Digitary?

Further information on Digitary can be obtained at www.digitary.net.            

12. Is Digitary secure?

Digitary documents can only be created by officials of vetted institutions that have been Digitary-enabled. The process of issuing documents is subject to multi-factor authentication checks, including the possession of certain physical devices which are issued under strict conditions to institution officials. Once issued by the institution, official documents are protected from tampering and fabrication. These secure documents are made available to teachers through a secure online portal, where they can view the documents but not modify them in any way. Once accessed by the teacher, it is the teacher who controls who sees their documents through the use of the Digitary sharing facility.

Digitary documents contain long-lived Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) that comply with the strictest EU technical standards under the EU Digital Signature Directive 1999/EC/93. Digitary-issued documents contain signatures compliant with ETSI TS 101 903 and qualified digital certificates compliant with ETSI TS 101 456.