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FÉILTE 2017 will take place on Saturday 7 October in the RDS, Dublin.  The theme for FÉILTE this year is Leading Learning for All.   This sits within the overarching objective of Féilte - Sharing Teaching, Connecting Learning. 

FÉILTE celebrates the wonderful work that teachers do every day in their classrooms and gives teachers the opportunity to collaborate and to share ideas with and learn from, each other. 

Féílte RDS Video    Tickets

This year, we are trying a new approach to the allocation of FÉILTE tickets and have emailed all schools inviting up to 3 teachers and 2 members of the parents association from each school the chance to apply for tickets as a group. Tickets will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and you can apply for group tickets using this form.


We still plan to offer the next round of tickets in August to individual teachers. For this first round of tickets for schools, we would encourage schools to take advantage of the opportunity to share the day between colleagues to take full advantage of all that FÉILTE has to offer.  The short video below will assist in planning and making the most of the day.


FÉILTE 2017 will feature showcases , workshopshowcasers' stories,  researchmeet and Rang Bianca. See below to find out more!

Féilte Showcases     Showcases

We know that teachers all over Ireland work extremely hard to ensure top ­quality learning experiences for their students. Féilte is all about sharing and celebrating this work by highlighting examples of innovation in teaching and learning.  

We really want to hear about the practices you engage in, the ideas you have tried and the things you would recommend to other teachers. This is your chance to showcase the work you do every day in your school and a brilliant opportunity to share with and learn from other teachers.

Féilte Showcaser Stories     Showcasers' Stories

This year, for the first time at FÉILTE, we are delighted to host ‘Showcaser’s Stories’.

 As well as having a showcase stand in the showcase hall, a small number of showcases will be selected to present their work in the Concert Hall of the RDS. Each presentation will last no more than 20 minutes.

Féilte Workshop     Workshops

There will be a number of 50 minute workshops at Féilte. Hosting a workshop will enable you to bring the story of your showcase to life.

Workshops should be interactive, and participants should be engaged in active learning. We welcome submissions from all subject areas and school sectors.

FÉILTE Workshops are not commercially based (participants should not be required to purchase materials at the workshop).

Féilte Researchmeet     Researchmeet

At FÉILTE 2015 we held the first ever Researchmeet in Ireland. This was an event modelled on the highly successful Teachmeet format, where teachers who were engaged in research of different types made nano-presentations on their topic. Researchmeet has now become a permanent feature at Féilte.

The Researchmeet will begin with a series of nano-presentations, whereby teachers will present on their research topic in no more than 7 minutes.

One of the goals of the Researchmeet is to demystify research for the profession and the wider public, with particular emphasis on the different types of research teachers engage in (postgraduate masters and doctorate, action research etc.) The nano-presentations should, therefore, translate the topic in a way that engages teachers and the public.

After the presentations, teachers will each be assigned an area of the room, where they can discuss their research further with attendees, or perhaps to offer advice or assistance to the researchers on the topic in question. This part of the Researchmeet will be informal. Feedback from previous years suggests that the professional conversations which took place at this stage of the Researchmeet were highly valued by participants.

Listen to a short audio describing one teacher's experience at Researchmeet.

Féilte Rang Bianca     Rang Bianca

Rang Bianca is a space for teachers who either have an idea for research, but are not sure where to go next with it, or who have commenced their research, and are seeking support or advice to progress it further. It was set up as an informal open space where teachers could talk to practitioner researchers and to policy makers.

We named this space in Rang Bianca, in honour of Bianca Ní Ghrógáin. Bianca was a primary teacher and PhD candidate who passed away in 2015. She enthused and encouraged teachers around the world to be all that they could be, so that others could write and make their own future.

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