Apply for Garda Vetting

The Department of Education and Skills Circular Letter 63/2010 sets out recruitment procedure requirements for Garda Vetting.

Teachers being appointed to positions of any duration, and who require Garda Vetting under Circular 63/2010, should apply now for vetting using the GV-OPT1 form, unless they have been previously vetted during in the current or previous calendar year.

It is important to complete the Garda Vetting application form fully and accurately. Forms showing errors or omissions will be returned to you for clarification, resulting in a delay in the Garda vetting procedure.

Before you complete your Garda vetting application form, it is recommended that you take a look at the sample form available below and that you read the guidelines on how to correctly complete the form.

You can also request an application form to be sent to you by post, by sending an email to Your email should contain your name and address.

The Teaching Council conducts vetting for teachers only.  If you are working in, or associated with, a school and you are not a teacher you should contact your Principal who will liaise with the relevant authority on your behalf, e.g., diocesan office, management body etc.