Cosán Development Process - Get Involved!

Cosán Framework In March 2016, following a number of phases of consultation with teachers and other stakeholders, the Teaching Council Cosán Logopublished Cosán: The National Framework for Teachers' Learning. The Council also initiated a four year development process for Cosán. A working group, comprised of practising teachers and relevant stakeholders, has been convened to co-ordinate the process, and is now looking to engage with teachers who are interested in participating. Individual teachers, schools, or interschool professional or informal networks, that are interested in professional learning for teachers, and in shaping how the framework will map onto their particular context, are invited to complete the online form here before 5p.m. on Tuesday, 11 April 2017. This online form is now closed.  Any further enquiries should be directed to

As part of the Development Process an event for all participants will be held on 13 May in 2017. Further details will be issued in due course.