Croí: Collaboration and Research for Ongoing Innovation

Promoting a culture of shared learning in which research and leading practice is encouraged and applied within the classroom setting is an important objective for the Teaching Council. The CROÍ Research Series brings together a series of initiatives through which the Council aims to realise this goal. Through CROÍ, the Council is seeking to engage with all stakeholders to ensure that all the high quality research that teachers engage in has impact where it matters the most – the teaching and learning experiences of our children, young people and adult learners.

Full details in relation to CROÍ are available in this leaflet.

In the short video below, Dr Pasi Sahlberg speaks about research and the connections between research, policy and practice. Dr Sahlberg has studied education systems, analysed education policies and advised policy-makers in relation to education reforms around the world.


In order to further develop the connection between research and practice, the Teaching Council hosts research webinars for teachers on topics relevant to the profession including, for example, professional learning, cross-curricular teaching, and transitions from primary to post-primary. The first webinar in the CROÍ Research Series featured the internationally renowned Prof. Michael Fullan. Further webinars on well-being and enquiry-based learning will take place over the coming months.


The Council regularly issues research e-zines to over 96,000 registered teachers. Each e-zine is normally linked to the theme of an upcoming webinar. This gives teachers an opportunity to read about the topic in advance. These e-zines have proven to be very popular, with average open rates of 75%.

In line with the Council’s standards for initial teacher education, many student teachers engage in research as part of their school placement experience. In order to make the fruits of all this research as widely available as possible, the Council issued an e-zine earlier this year featuring summaries of this research carried out by student teachers. It is anticipated that this will be a feature.

EBSCO Education Source Package

All registered teachers have free access to the EBSCO Education Source package, and a collection of eBooks. This is a great resource and practical support for all teachers seeking to engage with the latest thinking and evidence on a wide range of educational issues. This is in response to a call from teachers for easier access to, and opportunities for critical engagement with, research.

Research Alive! Collaboration

The Research Alive! group collaborates to promote the use of research in educational practice and to promote greater sharing by teachers of their experiences of implementing research in their work. A Shared Learning Day on Research was co-hosted by the Research Alive! group in March 2017.

The Research Alive! group is a collaboration between the Teaching Council, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) and the Centre for Effective Services (CES).


FÉILTE, the Council’s annual celebration of teaching, includes a Researchmeet which sees teachers make short presentations in a user-friendly and accessible format about research they are engaged in, or have undertaken. These presentations highlight the relevance and impact of the research for teachers, students and parents.

Research Support Framework

The Council’s Research Support Framework makes €100,000 available each year to support teachers’ ongoing professional learning through their engagement in, and with, research. The Framework has three strands supporting the sharing of existing research.

Commissioned Research

The Council commissions research to support policy development. This has included research on requirements for entry to initial teacher education and Droichead. A major piece of longitudinal research on the experience of newly qualified teachers is currently at initial planning stage.

Research Pages on Teaching Council Website

The Council’s website provides a wealth of information for teachers and educational researchers, including advice on sharing your research, access to a number of open source repositories and information on sources of research funding.

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