Research webinars

As part of its CROÍ (Collaboration and Research for Ongoing Innovation) research series, the Teaching Council hosts interactive research webinars on topics relevant to the teaching profession, such as: teachers' learning; leadership; inclusive practice; transition from primary to post-primary; cross-curricular teaching and learning. Webinars follow a variety of formats and usually run on Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. They can be watched live on the dates and times listed in the first box below and schools are encouraged to consider participation in this webinar by teachers as recognised for Croke Park hours. All attendees will receive and email at the end of the live webinar to thank them for their participation.

All webinars are also recorded and all previous webinars can be viewed by clicking on the second box below. Schools are encouraged to consider watching a webinar recording as a school-based professional learning community, or as a cluster of schools, during that portion of Croke Park hours activities which is engaged in on a whole-school basis.