Garda vetting is conducted by the Garda Central Vetting Unit (GCVU) on behalf of registered organisations, the employees/members of which, provide services to children and/or vulnerable persons. The Teaching Council is the authorised body for administering Garda vetting for teachers in Ireland. A Garda vet provides a statement which gives details of any convictions and or prosecutions, successful or unsuccessful, pending or completed, in relation to the vetting applicant, subject to the administrative filter implemented by the Minister for Justice and Equality on 31st March 2014. An explanation of the administrative filter is available at Garda Central Vetting Unit.

The Garda vetting process currently takes up to 8 - 10 weeks.

Important Notice – Change to Garda Vetting Form, 18 June 2014

The Garda Central Vetting Bureau have issued an updated Declaration section on the back of the Vetting form. The older version of the form will not be accepted for applications submitted after the 24 June 2014. The amended GV form may be requested here.

If you have any queries, please email vetting@teachingcouncil.ie

Who must be Garda vetted?
  • Newly Qualified Teachers
    • for admission to the Register of Teachers
    • for securing employment as a teacher
  • Teachers currently in service 
    • Garda vetting is a requirement of the Department of Education and Skills if you are a teacher who is changing school or returning from a career break.  

The Vetting requirements for registered teachers are laid out in the Department of Education and Skills Circular 0063/2010 Recruitment Procedures - Requirements for Garda Vetting.

Vetting arrangements will be expanded on a phased basis over the coming years to include all teachers not currently vetted.  Vetting is not carried out automatically. Teachers on the Register since the establishment of the Council in 2006 (not previously vetted) and teachers who wish to update their vetting, must submit a fully completed application form if they wish to be Garda vetted.


The Role of the Teaching Council

As part of the process of registering teachers, the Council:

  1. Receives and checks the completed Garda vetting application form
  2. Forwards the application form to the GCVU so that the vetting can be carried out
  3. Receives the Garda vetting result from the GCVU
  4. Provides a Vetting Result Letter to the applicant giving the result of the vetting procedure which may be used for employment purposes.

Where appropriate, the Teaching Council decides on the relevance of any disclosure made by the GCVU to the teachers' suitability for registration.  The Council's Evidence of Character Panel assesses such disclosures.

An applicant for registration who has resided outside of Ireland and/or Northern Ireland for three years or more in total, after the age of 18, is required to provide additional supporting documentation.


The Role of School Authorities

It is the responsibility of the relevant school authority (e.g., Board of Management, ETB) to ensure that any proposed new appointee who may have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable persons, is vetted.  Before a formal offer of appointment is made, schools must request that the prospective employee present their Teaching Council Garda Vetting Letter.


Further Details 

Further details are outlined in Circular letter 0063/2010 which was issued to employing authorities by the Department of Education and Skills, in November 2010 and came into effect from 01 January 2011.

Any queries in relation to Garda Vetting can be made by calling the Teaching Council on LoCall 1890 224 224 or 01 6517906 or by emailing vetting@teachingcouncil.ie.

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