Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers

2012 Code CoverThe Teaching Council published a new Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers on 20 June 2012. The Code will guide teachers’ professional judgement and practice.

The Code sets out the standards of professional knowledge, skill, competence and conduct which are expected of registered teachers. In all, there are 33 such standards which reflect the complexity and variety of teaching and cover areas such as communication and relationships, equality and inclusion, compliance with national and school policies, professional development and pupil/student welfare. The standards are underpinned by four core values - respect, care, integrity and trust.

The new Code of Conduct replaces the existing Code which was published in 2007. It has been developed following a process of consultation with teachers and other stakeholders in education and takes account of a number of developments in the intervening years.

The Code also takes account of the broader context in which teaching takes place and the myriad factors beyond teachers’ control which have a bearing on their work, including: the engagement of parents and the wider community; opportunities for teachers’ professional development; and the accelerated degree of educational change.

The publication of the new Code is an important and positive development for all those with an interest in the quality of teaching in our classrooms. Since the education system reaches into virtually every home in the country, and affects so many so deeply, it is crucial that the teaching profession's value system and professional standards are clear, readily understandable and easily accessible. The adoption of this Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers will enhance and deepen the confidence and trust that society places in teachers.

As part of the registration process, each teacher is issued with a copy of the Code. The new Code will be sent to all teachers as part of a comprehensive communications campaign. While the Council is always keen to minimise its printing and distribution costs, it has decided that hard copy circulation is a necessary step in this case due to the legal standing of the Code.

The Code will be disseminated to all 73,000 registered teachers and relevant stakeholders at the start of the next school year.

Click here to download the new Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers

Click here to download the accompanying leaflet

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