Qualifications Requirements for Post-Primary Teachers (Qualifications Awarded in Ireland)

In order to be entered onto the Register of Teachers on the basis of qualifications in post-primary teaching, applicants must comply with the requirements as set out in Regulation Four of The Teaching Council [Registration] Regulations 2009, i.e. they must hold:

  • a recognised third level degree, consisting of at least three years of full-time study or equivalent (180 ECTS credits) , and, where seeking registration for the purposes of teaching in the voluntary secondary, community or comprehensive sectors;
  • an approved initial teacher education qualification directed towards First to Sixth Years (typically students in the 12 to 18 year age range).

For further details on the required degree and teacher education qualifications, click here.

A teacher education qualification is a requirement for teachers in the VEC sector wishing to register on the basis of qualifications in the following subjects:

Religious Education
Physical Education
Engineering (Metalwork - Junior Cert)
Technology (Technical Graphics - Junior Cert)
Home Economics
Construction Studies.

With effect from 1 April 2013, a teacher education qualification will be a requirement for all applicants applying in accordance with Regulation 4 of The Teaching Council [Registration] Regulations 2009 for all post-primary curricular subjects.

Subject Specific Criteria

In order to ensure that a degree meets all of the requirements for post-primary teaching, applicants must ensure that subjects and module options taken satisfy the subject specific criteria. For example, in the case of qualifications in Geography, an applicant must have studied substantial elements of both Human and Physical Geography. For further information see General and Special Requirements for Teachers of Recognised Subjects in Mainstream Post-primary Education.

More detailed information in relation to the assessment and recognition of Post-primary qualifications is included on the Assessment of Post-primary Qualifications page of this site.

List of Recognised Degrees

While registration is determined by meeting the Council’s criteria for at least one curricular subject, the Council also retains an indicative list of degrees, which in the past have been deemed to meet the requirements for named subjects. Given that the content of degrees and of modules within degrees can change over time, it is very important that applicants read this list in conjunction with the Subject Specialist Criteria. To view the Subject Criteria and Degree List, see Post-primary Curricular Subject Requirements/ List of Degree & Teacher Education Programmes Recognised for Post-Primary Registration Purposes - click here to download.

Post-primary (Further Education) Sector

Information in relation to the qualifications requirements for applicants wishing to be registered on the basis of qualifications as a teacher in the further education sector is available here.

A teacher education qualification will be a requirement from 1 April 2013 in accordance with Regulation 5 of The Teaching Council [Registration] Regulations 2009 for teachers wishing to register on the basis of qualifications in other approved subjects.

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