Leagan Gaeilge

19 May 2023

A Chara,

This is an important update to advise you that the Minister for Education has signed new regulations. These regulations are known as the Teaching Council (Information to be furnished by employer in case of dismissal or resignation of registered teacher) Regulations 2023.

These regulations set out the responsibility and obligation of employers to provide information to us where a registered teacher is dismissed, and in certain circumstances, of resignations of teachers. For resignations, this is necessary where a complaint has been made or a disciplinary procedure has commenced.

Who will this affect?

1. Any registered teacher who resigns following a complaint in relation to that teacher (note - this is a complaint made at local school level rather than to the Teaching Council),


2. any registered teacher who resigns following the commencement of procedures under section 24 of the Education Act 1998 (No. 51 of 1998), or such other procedures as may be commenced in respect of the teacher,


3. any registered teacher who is dismissed by their employer.

When will these regulations commence?

On 11 May 2023, the Minister for Education signed the Teaching Council (Information to be furnished by employer in case of dismissal or resignation of registered teacher) Regulations 2023. From 11 May 2023, employers must inform us when a teacher is dismissed or resigns following a complaint or disciplinary process at school level.

Will these regulations change disciplinary procedures currently in place in my school?

The Teaching Council's complaint and inquiry process is separate to procedures used by schools at a local level. Schools/employers of registered teachers will continue to deal with issues as they arise locally, where it is generally accepted that there is the best likelihood of an early resolution.

Where can I find more information about these regulations?

Information will be posted to each school and Education and Training Board about these regulations.

An updated copy of the Fitness to Teach - Information for Employers booklet can be found here. This booklet details the Fitness to Teach process from the perspective of the employer.

Information about our Fitness to Teach role can be found on www.teachingcouncil.ie.

If you have any questions, the Professional Standards team can be contacted at professionalstandards@teachingcouncil.ie.     

Kind regards,

Dr Lynn Ramsey

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