Leagan Gaeilge

12 September 2023

Dear Registrant,

As you embark on another year, we would like to express our appreciation for the immense work you undertake and extend our best wishes to you and your students.

As a teacher, you occupy an important and privileged role in your school and community. Teachers impart knowledge while also instilling lifelong values, skills, and a love of learning. Your position as a teacher is invaluable in the community where you act as a role model for your students. The teaching profession in Ireland is committed to excellence and high standards which sets a benchmark for all, and we commend this dedication.

At the outset of a new academic year, it is timely to reflect on the responsibilities that come with being a teacher. We would like to remind all teachers of the Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers (Updated 2nd Edition 2016), which promotes a high-quality teaching profession in Ireland and ensures the highest standards of professionalism. It also acts as a guiding compass for all teachers throughout their professional lives.

A teacher’s work is underpinned by the ethical values of Respect, Care, Integrity and Trust which are the pillars of the ‘Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers’. To ensure the highest standards and to maintain public trust and confidence in the teaching profession, we remind teachers of their responsibility, including paragraph 2.5 of the ‘Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers’ which asks teachers to maintain professional integrity and 'avoid conflict between their professional work and private interests which could reasonably be deemed to impact negatively on pupils/students.'

The Teaching Council has also developed Guidance for Registered Teachers About the Use of Social Media and Electronic Communications.

Once again, thank you for your support of the teaching profession and we wish you a happy, productive and rewarding year as you continue to make such a beneficial contribution to our society.

Warm regards,

Dr Lynn Ramsey
Michelle Keane

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