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Planning a visit to the Teaching Council offices?

To maximise the quality of service, please ensure to make an appointment before you visit. For further details on making an appointment click here.

I qualified as a teacher abroad, am I eligible to apply for registration with the Teaching Council?

Fully qualified teachers* who have qualified outside of the ROI are eligible to apply for registration with the Teaching Council.

*A person deemed to be a fully qualified teacher has completed a recognised teacher education qualification and programme of induction in the country in which they qualified and can evidence this with a letter from the relevant teacher registration body or Ministry of Education.

I qualified as a teacher in the UK, will brexit affect my registration with the Teaching Council?

All applications from teachers who qualified abroad are processed in the same manner, regardless of whether they qualified within or outside the EU.

This means that the exit of the UK from the EU will not affect the processing of applications for registration by the Council.

I qualified as a teacher outside of the ROI, are my qualifications assessed?

Yes. The Teaching Council has a responsibility to safeguard entry to the profession in a way that supports quality teaching and learning.

Therefore the qualifications of teachers who qualified outside of the ROI are assessed to ensure they are of a comparable standard to those achieved by graduates of accredited programmes in Ireland. Where significant differences arise, conditions will be applied to the teacher's registration.

How long will the registration process take if I qualified outside the ROI?

Once all required documents have been submitted to the Teaching Council, the registration process is carried out within a 12 week timeframe.

It is important to note that the 12 week timeframe is from when all documentation is received. The most common delay is when applicants do not submit all required documentation. Therefore it is important to check that all required information and documents are included with the application form.

What are the documents required to assess my qualification if I qualified as a teacher outside the ROI?

A completed application form along with a photocopy of the following documents*;

> A letter from the relevant teacher registration body/ Ministry of Education confirming that you are a fully qualified teacher

> Transcript of results

> Description of the modules studied.

*Post-primary teachers may also need to submit other documents depending on their subject area.

I qualified as a teacher outside of the ROI, how do I evidence that I am fully qualified teacher in the country in which I qualified?

You need to submit a letter evidencing that you are a fully qualified teacher from either the relevant teacher registration body or the Ministry of Education in the country in which you qualified.

The letter should state the status of your teacher registration/ licence in that country and confirm that you have completed any programme of induction (post-qualification experience) required in that country.

I note that one of the documents required by the Teaching Council is a transcript of results, what is a transcript of results?

A transcript of results is a document that shows the modules you studied in each year of your qualification and the grades that were awarded to you.

The Teaching Council requires a transcript for each year of your qualification.

I note that one of the documents required by the Teaching Council is a module descriptor, what is a module descriptor?

Module descriptors are documents or booklets that describe the content of the modules/ units of study you completed during your qualification in some detail.

The single most common error which applicants make when submitting their application is that they do not include module descriptors. We are aware that different countries use different terms for module descriptors. If you are unsure of what to look for, please contact us in advance of submitting the application form.

How do I apply for re-vetting?

Click here to apply for re-vetting.

What is the English Language Requirement?

See here for information on the English Language Requirement. 

In what schools/settings is Droichead the only route of induction?

Droichead is the only route of induction for NQTs in

• all Special Education Teacher (SET) settings

• large primary schools with 16 or more teachers

• large post-primary schools with 400 or more students

How do I apply as an NQT to commence the Droichead process?

Click here to access My Registration Login where you can apply to commence the Droichead process.

To find out more about Droichead click here.

When do I apply to the Teaching Council to commence the Droichead process?

Registration for Droichead in the 2018/2019 school year will open on Monday 3 September 2018

You should apply to the Teaching Council within five working days of commencing employment in a Droichead school:

• in an eligible setting and

• in an eligible post of minimum duration of at least 60 consecutive school days (in the case of primary) or a block of 200 hours (in the case of post-primary).

Do I need to include my overseas addresses when filling in my list of addresses for NVB vetting?

Yes, all addresses from birth to present are required including overseas addresses.

Click here for further information about NVB Vetting.

I am a Newly Qualified Teacher and I have sent in my application for registration. When should I apply for NVB vetting?

You need to apply immediately, you cannot be registered without a NVB vetting disclosure.

Click here for further information about NVB Vetting.

I am a Newly Qualified Teacher and I have submitted my application for registration. When should I expect to receive contact from the Teaching Council?

You will receive contact from the Teaching Council within an average of 8-10 working days from the date of receipt of the application form.

I have submitted my Form B/Form C/Form D. How long will it take to be processed?

The average time for processing of Form B, C and D is currently between 5 – 10 working days.

Please note that processing times may increase during the summer months as registration, renewals and condition volumes are particularly high during this period.

I received a letter in relation to my conditions expiring shortly. What should I do now?

If you have addressed your conditions, please submit the relevant evidentiary documentation.

If you will not be in a position to address your conditions by your expiry date, you must submit an EXT01 form to apply for an extension which can be found here.

Failure to address your conditions by your expiry date may result in your removal from the Register.

Click here for more information about Conditions.

I have just completed Droichead. What do I do now?

When your Droichead process has concluded, please complete Form D (available here) and return it together with initial email confirmation from The Teaching Council, confirming approval to commence the Droichead process.

I am a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) but I am already registered with The Teaching Council under FE; how do I register under Primary or Post-primary?

All final year students are given a registration pack outlining the fast-track process for registration as an NQT.

If you are already FE registered, you still need to complete part of the NQT application process to update your registration to Primary or Post-primary. If you have not done so, please submit the pink consent form to your university immediately to allow the transfer of your teaching qualification to the Council after the exam boards.

You will then be issued a pre-populated NQT Registration Application Form. Please return this form in order to change your registration. You should write your registration number on the front page of the form.

For more information on registration, please click here. 

I am a registered teacher remaining with my current employer. My employer is looking for proof that I have been vetted (for retrospective vetting). What proof can I use?

The evidence acceptable to prove that you have been previously vetted for retrospective vetting can be any one of the following:

  • A screenshot from the MyRegistration Section here.
  • A National Vetting Bureau Disclosure (vetted after 29 April 2016).
  • The Teaching Council GCVU vetting result letter (vetted before 29 April 2016).

I am a registered teacher applying for a position with a new employer. My vetting result is dated prior to the introduction of NVB vetting on 29 April 2016. Do I need to update my vetting?

If you are applying for a new role you must have a National Vetting Bureau (NVB) Disclosure.

You can apply for an NVB disclosure here.

I am already registered as a post-primary teacher but wish to know how to go about qualifying to teach an additional curricular subject?

As a registered post-primary teacher, you have met the registration requirements that enable you to teach at least one post-primary curricular subject.  Employment within schools to teach subjects is a matter for individual school authorities. It is not a registration requirement to be recognised for additional subjects.

If, however, you wish to have an additional curricular subject recorded on the Register of Teachers you must demonstrate that you meet the criteria for the subject. This does not mean that you have to complete another degree.

It means you need to study the subject to degree-level by combining modules from a level 8 degree or completing a level 9 postgraduate diploma ensuring that you study:

    • the required amount of ECTS credits in the subject (varies between 60 - 90 ECTS credits) 
    • the required areas in the subject as outlined in our curricular subject requirements
    • a specific methodology in the subject if it has been specified as a requirement. 

If you are interested in adding an additional subject you should firstly contact the relevant department in a Higher Education Institute (HEI) and ask them about your options for studying a subject to degree level as an occasional/full-time student.

Can the Council prioritise my application?

The Council will prioritise an application where a teacher is in employment in a position where they cannot be paid without being registered with the Council.  This must be confirmed by submitting a recent payslip or an email from the school principal.

When should I expect to receive an update on my application?

The average handling time is 6 - 8 weeks (qualified within Ireland), and 8 - 12 weeks (qualified outside of Ireland) from receipt of all required documentation

 The Council will update you during the application process. We will acknowledge receipt of your application, liaise with you until all documentation has been received and confirm the process has been finalised.

Please note that submitting all of the required documentation with your application form significantly speeds up the process. We highly recommend that you complete the checklist on the back of the application form.