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What is T-REX?

T-REX (Teachers' Research Exchange) is an online network where teachers, student teachers and other educational researchers in Ireland can come together to talk, collaborate, and learn from one another.

Through T-REX, applicants may identify people with similar research interests, discuss research ideas and locate potential collaborators.

I'm interested in carrying out an action research project in my school, but need support to help me do so. Where can I get help?

The Teaching Council supports teachers in engaging in and with research through the John Coolahan Research Support Framework. Click here for further information. The current round of funding closes on 20 June, so don't delay!

The Council also co-funds an online platform, T-REX, to support teachers in engaging in, and with, research. Why not register with T-REX for free today?

Where can I access practical support on conducting research?

A series of webinars offering practical guidance and support for teachers conducting a literature review, engaging in qualitative and quantitative research, or looking for innovative ways to share findings, is available here.

Where can I watch a webinar on wellbeing, assessment, inclusion, and other areas relevant to my practice?

The Teaching Council hosts a series of research webinars covering a variety of topics relevant to teaching. These webinars are usually live-streamed on Wednesdays at 8pm during term time.

All webinars are archived and freely available on the Teaching Council website, www.teachingcouncil.ie, so they can be watched at a later date.

How can I get free access to educational research?

All registered teachers have free access to the Teaching Council's online library. You can access this via you Teaching Council login, by clicking on the Access to Education Journals button.

The library includes 1700 full-text journals and 500 books. It also includes a range of e-books on inclusive education, leadership, assessment, and wellbeing amongst other topics.

Where can I access summaries of educational research that are relevant to my practice?

The Teaching Council issue a series of research ezines covering a variety of topics relevant to teachers' practice. The ezine include summaries of research, as well as links to the full text of articles.

Click here for back issues of our ezines, and check your email inbox for the next one!

If the research I want isn't available on the website, what can I do to access it?

The Teaching Council's online library offers access to a wealth of material, but at times the full text of some articles is unavailable. This is most likely due to an embargo from the publisher. When full text is not available you may wish to:

  • Use an open database, a list of which can be found here
  • Use other repositories or search engines such as Google Scholar, ResearchGate or Academia.edu
  • Contact the author(s) directly - their details are available next to their name in the library record.

My Form D has been posted to the Teaching Council, when can I expect to have it processed and receive an updated Confirmation of Registration letter?

In times of low volume, we endeavour to process Form D's within 5-10 working days of receipt. Processing times will increase during peak times (i.e. Easter and end of academic year).

Planning a visit to the Teaching Council offices?

To maximise the quality of service, please ensure to make an appointment before you visit. For further details on making an appointment click here.