FAQs burning questions

I have been informed that I have a vetting disclosure. What does this mean?

Disclosure is the term used by the National Vetting Bureau (NVB) for the vetting outcome. It will be either Nil or Trace.

Nil disclosure means no conviction or court case pending disclosed.

Trace disclosure means a conviction and/or a court case pending has been disclosed.

I have submitted my vetting application by post including proof of ID and proof of address. Why am I being notified that I have yet to complete the process?

Vetting is a two-stage application process.

  • Stage 1 is submitting your application by post.
  • Once you have completed stage 1, you must access the National Vetting Bureau (NVB) link sent to your email and complete Stage 2.

(Check your junk and spam if you haven't received the NVB email link)

I have completed both stages of the vetting application. Why have I received another letter requesting me to do so?

You received another letter because the post had already been generated prior to you completing the application.