Below is the list of candidates for the 2020 Teaching Council Elections displayed by category and then by geographical constituency. 

Five candidates have been elected without poll and these can be found under the Elected Candidates heading at the bottom of the page.

Photos and statements, as provided by each candidate, can be viewed by selecting the desired category and geographical constituency below. Candidates in each geographical constituency are displayed in alphabetical order.

Category 1

Recognised Primary School Sector


2 candidates to be elected (1 male panel / 1 female panel)

Rosena Jordan

St. Mary's N.S. Virginia, Co. Cavan

Rosena JordanI am originally from Castlebar, Co. Mayo and have lived throughout my teaching career in Kingscourt, Co. Cavan. I am currently a Special Education teacher in St. Mary's N.S. Virginia, Co. Cavan. I represented the teachers of Cavan, Monaghan and Louth on the INTO Education Committee and the Central Executive Committee. I was then elected as President of the organisation where I developed a greater understanding of the Teaching Council and also developed professional working relationships at a high level in Education.

I would like the Teaching Council to become truly reflective of teachers' opinions, views, interests and priorities. One of the key challenges for the next Teaching Council is to ensure an adequate supply of highly educated, qualified Primary Teachers to meet the ever increasing complexity and diversity within our primary schools.

As a defender and promoter of the teaching profession it is essential that the Teaching Council hears the teacher's voice and drawing on my active experience within INTO I know that I can bring that voice to the table.

Bheinn fíor bhuíoch do thacaíocht a fháil agus geallaim duit go noibróidh mé go dian dícheallach ar do shon.

Deirdre Nic Gabhann

Gaelscoil Riabhach, Cois na Móna, Baile Locha Riach, Co. na Gaillimhe

Deirdre Nic GabhannIs mise Deirdre Nic Gabhann, beidh mé ag seasamh mar thoghthóir atá cláraithe le teagasc i mBunscoil Aitheanta i gConnacht/Uladh.

I am originally from Monaghan but live in Galway. I am a mother of 3 children and I am passionate about the role teachers play in shaping the students and society we live in. I have a B.Ed, M.A. in Education and Graduate Diploma in Special Educational Needs. I also have 18 years’ experience in classroom and in SEN support and I have seen our schools and jobs transformed beyond recognition throughout my career. In most recent times, I have worked extensively in the area of ASD and Dyslexia  and teaching is a profession I am proud to be a member of. I have worked and researched in both Gaelscoileanna and Gaeltacht areas. I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities that a solid education has afforded me in life and I hope to help to strengthen the standing of the profession going into the future. I firmly believe the role of the teacher is to educate. I endeavour to uphold the ethical values of care, respect, integrity and truth if you choose me to represent you on the Teaching Council. 


2 candidates to be elected (1 male panel / 1 female panel)

Padraig Brady

Holy Family School for the Deaf, Navan Road, Cabra, Dublin 7

Paraic BradyHi, PB here. I’m excited to be running and if successful I'd like to help with such changes:   

  1. I want to make the manner in which the T.C. deals with teachers more friendly and positive.
  2. I want to help make filling out application forms or the likes in relation to the TC easier and more accessible. I am also interested in addressing the general increasing paper work teachers are expected to do.
  3. I want to help teachers relax more. There is a growing fear related to such things as complimenting students, challenging them, patting them on the back, restraining or expelling them, as well as organising outdoor activities. A duty of care to teachers is being forgotten.

P.S. For what it’s worth, I have a degree in English and Theology; a H. Dip in Education; a H. Dip in Special Ed; an Honours Degree in Journalism; a Masters in Guidance & Counselling and am currently completing a Masters in Pluralistic Psychotherapy. 

Niamh Cullen

Harcourt Terrace Educate Together National School, Harold's Cross, Dublin 6W 

Niamh CullenI am principal of Harcourt Terrace Educate Together National School in South Dublin, a new, developing school and have worked with Educate Together since 2006. I have also been an Associate with the National Induction Programme for Teachers (NIPT) for the last 14 years, supporting  Newly Qualified Teachers and their schools with the induction process.

As a teaching principal, I see the incredible work our teachers, SNAs and other staff do, often with limited resources and pay inequality. While our jobs are tough and sometimes overwhelming, it is also a privilege to positively impact the lives of our young people. I know we love the work we do, but we need more support to do it better.  

Developing schools and teaching principals are often expected to ‘get on with it’. Many people understand that the role is tough (though mightily rewarding), but rarely, are there any real concessions for these principals/schools.

I am committed to improving the wellbeing not just of our children, but of our teachers too. As your elected representative, I will ensure that the Teaching Council keeps workload and wellbeing foremost in its policy-making processes.

I am asking for your vote in the Teaching Council elections 2020.

Michelle Keane

St. Patrick's SNS, Beau Piers Lane, Skerries, Co. Dublin

Michelle KeaneAs a teacher with 33 years’ experience in schools and the wider education community, I believe I am equipped with the relevant skills and practical insight to contribute positively as a member of the Teaching Council.

I have taught in a wide variety of school settings and have experience in all classes. Since 2006, I am Principal of St Patrick’s SNS, Skerries.

To advocate for teachers’ interests, I am actively involved in the INTO at local and national levels.  I am the Chairperson of the Principals’ and Deputy Principals’ Committee and sit on the DES Primary Education Workload Forum seeking to support teachers in management roles. 

Currently, I am a member of the DCU School Placement Advisory Board, which has given me excellent insight into Initial Teacher Education.

My vision for the Teaching Council going forward is that it will uphold the integrity of our profession as it continues to maintain high standards while at the same time being cognisant of realistic expectations in our school communities. 

I am passionate about the work undertaken by our profession and would welcome the opportunity to influence policy so as to attract and retain teachers of high calibre to serve our education system.

Peter McCabe

St. Columbanus N.S., Loughlinstown Drive, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

Peter McCabeAs a Teaching Principal, I am very aware of the importance of the role of the TC in the day to day running of a primary school. It casts an understandably long shadow over all our working lives. The Teaching Council gives a very defined structure to all that primary teachers do yet many teachers still find it difficult to identify how exactly it supports them.

As a member of the TC, I would ensure that the Council is regarded as a positive, forward-thinking organisation, supporting teachers in their working lives while at the same time fully supporting all school communities. Teachers need to be kept abreast of all that is changing in education. The TC should ensure that primary teachers are afforded the time to upskill to enable them to be the very best that they can be.  We need to recruit the best teachers available and to maintain an adequate teacher base which would ensure that trained teachers were always available when required. All these teachers must be treated as professionals and their pay must be commensurate with their qualifications and with that of their colleagues.


3 candidates to be elected (1 male panel / 1 female panel / 1 all candidates panel)

Mary Curley

Doora N.S., Doora, Clarecastle, Co. Clare

Mary CurleyI am a Teaching Principal in Doora N.S., Ennis, Co. Clare.  I'm also a committed INTO member  currently being the Secretary  of District XI and  a member of Ennis Branch  and District Committees.  I have previously been Chairperson and Secretary of Clare PDP Forum.

I am standing for election to the Teaching Council to ensure the professionalism of the teaching profession is maintained. Irish Teachers are held in the highest regard and I will work  to ensure that this continues to be the case.

The Teaching Council must continue to hold the wellbeing of teachers as a priority. The issue of workload must be addressed and Teaching Principals supported.

As a voice for Primary Teachers on the Teaching Council, I will ensure that the concerns of teachers on the issue of total inclusion  are brought to the table.  I will oppose any attempt to impose a full inclusion model of SEN to schools.

The Teaching Council must continue its work on Teacher Supply. The Supply Panel must be rolled out nationally. As a Principal who has seen the struggles involved in securing substitute teachers I will work tirelessly to ensure the development of such panels.

Paul Moroney

Scartaglen National School Co. Kerry

Paul MoroneyMy vision for education would be a reduction in box-ticking and paperwork with more emphasis on creating meaningful learning experiences for our students. I am passionate about education and am a member of the INTO National Education Committee. I have also represented teachers on the NCCA Development Group for the Primary Language Curriculum for 3rd-6th Class. Should I be elected, the issues I would like to prioritise are:

Workload: As a teaching principal in Scartaglen National School Co. Kerry, I see on a daily basis the ever-increasing workload that teachers and principals have endured over recent years. As a member of the INTO Workload Steering Group I am helping to identify solutions to help reduce this workload.

NCSE Full Inclusion Model: I would be firmly against any change without evidence that demonstrates this model leads to better outcomes for all children.  The first priority of the DES should be to provide adequate school buildings, reduced class sizes and increased access to psychological and therapy supports.

Teacher Supply: It has become increasingly difficult to appoint substitute teachers. Better planning in the area of Initial Teacher Education along with supply panels would alleviate the boom and bust cycle of teacher supply.

Seamus O'Connor

Scoil Bhríde, Crosshaven, Co-Cork

Seamus OConnorI am the Principal of Scoil Bhríde, Crosshaven, Co-Cork.

I have served our constituency since being elected in 2016.  I pledged to give Primary Teachers a strong and proactive voice on the Council and I believe I have expressed what teachers are saying every day in staff rooms.  I spoke in relation to issues such as Pay Equality, Droichead, Cosán, Fitness to Practice and Protection of Qualifications.

There are a number of key issues facing the new Council which I want to address, chief among these will be:

  • The protection of Special Education and defence of our inclusive educational system against mooted moves of ‘total inclusion’, based on the New Brunswick model.
  • Cosán and registration are currently not linked directly as per the motion I was involved in tabling during this Council term.  This policy must be ring-fenced and made permanent.
  • The protection of the rights of teachers and prevention of increased workload in forthcoming changes to Initial Teacher Education and Student Placement.
  • The ongoing challenges in the area of Teacher Supply.
  • Continued monitoring of the roll-out of Droichead especially as it becomes the compulsory route to induction as of next September.

I will work for Teachers.

Tracie Tobin

St. Michael's Infant School, CBS Grounds, Sexton Street, Limerick

Tracie TobinMy name is Tracie Tobin and I am currently one of the directly elected teacher representatives on the Teaching Council for the Munster Constituency. I am principal of St Michael’s Infant School, Sexton St. Limerick; which is a DEIS Band 1 school.                                         

I am also an active INTO member, current District 13 Representative on the INTO National Equality Committee; former Chairperson of the INTO National Equality Committee 2015-2017; former Chairperson of the Limerick City Branch INTO 2007-2009 and member of my branch and district committees. I am currently a member of the INTO subcommittee on reproductive health where we are hoping to negotiate a scheme to support members in managing their reproductive health related matters.

I have spent the last four years representing the primary teachers of Munster on the Teaching Council where I was elected on a pledge to advocate for teachers as professionals and I believe that I have fulfilled this pledge diligently in partnership with the other primary and post primary teacher representatives on the Council. I have worked extremely hard to bring the key issues that are affecting teachers on a daily basis to the Council table including teacher supply, Droichead, Inclusion and Cosán and if re-elected will continue to do so.

Category 2

Voluntary Secondary School Sector

Ireland North

1 candidate to be elected (1 all candidates panel)

Niall Duddy

Presentation College, Athenry, Co Galway

Nial DuddyThank you for the trust placed in me over the past four years. During this time, I have proven my commitment to the cause of teachers and the profession, having a 100% record of attendance at all Council and committee meetings of which I am a member. I have worked closely with fellow teacher members of Council in working towards our common goals for the profession. There is no link between annual registration and engagement in continuous professional development. Droichead has changed from being an evaluative to a non-evaluative process.

However, for me there is unfinished business: teacher supply is an ongoing issue of concern, local complaints procedures must finally be placed on a statutory footing and Droichead will need to be closely observed as it becomes the sole route of induction for all newly qualified teachers from September. I will fight to ensure that teachers’ workloads are not increased further. I got involved in the Teaching Council to make a positive difference. As the only ASTI-endorsed candidate for the constituency of Ireland North, I ask for your number 1 vote so I can continue to make that positive difference in the working lives of all teachers.

Aisling Geraghty

Loreto St Michael's, Convent Lane, Navan, Co. Meath

Aisling GeraghtyThe Voice of Realism - Vote No.1 AISLING GERAGHTY

My name is Aisling Geraghty and I qualified as a teacher in 2012 having spent most of my working life as a credit controller in the private sector. Before entering this second career, I had no idea exactly how much teachers do; that is, how much they do that is not actually teaching!

It is my intention to share the experiences of teaching on the ground with the widest possible audience. I will listen to your voice. I will articulate your concerns.

If standards are to remain high, the teacher must be allowed to teach with a greater degree of autonomy and a less diluted sense of purpose.

To use an analogy; a pilot flies a plane, they do not have to serve the tea/coffee, snacks, duty free, refuel the plane, clean the plane and in the few minutes turn around time before they despatch their own plane, get pen and paper out and work out how they can reduce costs and increase profits for the airline. Yet this is the scenario teachers face everyday.

The classroom teacher is not an all purpose employee. Please consider me for your vote and I promise to work hard to deliver a balanced view of the profession on your behalf.

Ireland South

2 candidates to be elected (1 male panel / 1 female panel)

Kathleen Burke

Presentation de la Salle College, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow

Kathleen BurkeSecondary School St. Leo’s College, Carlow.

Graduate St. Angela’s College, Sligo. B.Ed. (Home Economics and Biology)

M.Sc. Agr (Food Science) Masters of Science from UCD

Higher Diploma in Educational Management from NUI Maynooth.

Teaching since 1994 in Counties Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny & Carlow in a variety of Educational Settings.

Deputy Principal in Presentation De La Salle College, Bagenalstown, Co.Carlow.

Active ASTI member, I have been Branch Secretary, CEC member and I am presently on the Principals and Deputy Principals Committee.

I am a member of the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD) and I am involved in their Mentoring Programme for newly appointed Deputy Principals.

If elected to the Teaching Council, I will strive to find ways to improve the recruitment and retention of newly qualified and experienced teachers in Ireland. This is an ongoing challenge facing all of the stakeholders within the Education system and must be a priority for the Teaching Council. I have a particular interest in ongoing Teacher Professional Development and Teacher Induction programmes through my work as a Deputy Principal. I feel that maintaining high standards in these programmes is essential to the development of our profession into the future. I am looking forward to contributing to the future development and formulation of Educational Policy.

Pauline Nagle

Mary Immaculate Secondary School, Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare

Pauline NagleI have been ASTI Representative on NCCA Development Group for Science and I am currently on the Chemistry Development Group.

I have served on the Safety Health and Welfare committee and am currently on the Pensions Sub-Committee and the Education Committee.

I will ensure that ASTI policy will always be adhered to.

I want to see a proper workable Policy put in place for Teachers Wellbeing not just “Lip service”.

 “Priority Areas — CPD should foster the development of competences to facilitate quality learning and cater for educational priorities. The Council will actively engage with teacher education providers in relation to the development of programs of professional development aimed at up-skilling practicing teachers in their subject content knowledge. “1

 The above statement from the Teachers Council website is in stark contrast to the feedback I am receiving on the ground from fellow teachers in respect of the current JCT in service programme.  Inadequate In-service, both in timing and quality by the JCT, increase difficulty in delivering the new JC programme as desired. I would like to see priority given to the intent of the above Teaching Council statement.

I want the Teaching Council to actively engage with Teachers, the teachers should feel that they are some value for the money they pay to the Teachers Council each year.

Jerrieann Sullivan

Cork Educate Together Secondary School, c/o Griffith College, Wellington Rd, Cork City

Jerrieann SullivanElect me as your representative on the Teaching Council and I will;

Protect the rights of teachers to due process and fair procedure. All local procedures must be exhausted before a complaint is brought against a teacher under Part 5 of the Teaching Council Act.

Ensure that teachers called to the Council under the act are treated in a fair, respectful, supportive manner.

Advocate for a Teaching Council that listens to the needs of teachers and the issues they are facing in classrooms around Ireland.

Advocate that any CPD imposed on us by the Teaching Council takes into consideration the need for a diverse and inclusive teaching profession, the needs of working parents and the financial circumstances of new teachers.

Champion teachers as committed and collaborative professionals, by ensuring that any CPD reflects ways in which practicing teachers actually develop and maintain their expertise and ensuring that any new initiatives do not become a bureaucratic exercise.

I am a teacher of Science, CSPE and Sustainability in Cork Educate Together Secondary School, Cork City. I hold a Bachelor of Science and an MA in Community Education, Equality and Social Activism. I am a registered teacher of Biology, Chemistry, Science and CSPE.

Category 3

Education and Training Boards Sector

Ireland North

1 candidate to be elected (1 all candidates panel)

James McGrath

Castlepollard Community College, Co. Westmeath

James McGrathUpon assuming a role on the Teaching Council, I would like to focus on enhancing and promoting the regulation of the teaching profession. I believe this can be achieved through informing teachers of the teaching standards and quality in a more digestible fashion whilst facilitating a stronger line of communication with the Minister in terms of teaching matters.

As teaching is an ever-evolving profession with a range of influences from both local and national outlets, I believe it is necessary to keep developing and updating the Code of Professional Conduct for teachers. In doing so we are both protecting teachers, enabling them to work with freedom in the profession whilst also building a stronger connection with teachers who are fully aware of the changing needs of the role.

Having worked with young teachers in my school, I think it is very important the various stages of training for a teacher are monitored closely in order to prepare them for the profession.

Ciaran James O'Donnell

Drogheda Institute of Further Education, Co. Louth

Ciaran ODonnellMy name is Ciaran O’Donnell and I am a teacher in Drogheda Institute of Further Education. I am Chairperson of the Co. Louth branch of TUI, having served on TUI’s Executive Committee for 4 years representing Area 3 (Cavan, Louth, Meath and Monaghan).

If elected to the Teaching Council I will prioritise several important issues to include:  

Teaching Supply 

Under the Teaching Council Act the Council must advise the DES on teacher supply. I believe there should be a stronger link between 3rd level teacher training colleges and the requirements of primary and secondary schools.

Fitness to Teach 

I believe it is imperative that all local investigation and disciplinary procedures are fully exhausted before complaints are considered by the Teaching Council. The financial implications for teachers involved in the Fitness to Teach process needs to be considered and a solution found to mitigate costs for these teachers.

CPD (Cosán)   

I believe that CPD must remain voluntary and should not be linked to registration. Teachers should be supported and trusted when engaging in relevant CPD activities. 


I believe that a much larger proportion of the Teaching Council finances should be made available to support teaching and learning in our profession.

Ireland South

2 candidates to be elected (1 male panel / 1 female panel)

Noel Cronin

Borrisokane Community College, Co. Tipperary

Noel CroninI am a Music teacher in Borrisokane Community College, Co. Tipperary.  Over the past 18 years I have gained extensive knowledge and experience in the ETB sector and have a proven track record of representing teachers at local and national level. I was a member of the NCCA Subject Development Group for the new Junior Cycle Music Specification. I have represented staff on Tipperary ETB and I have been a TUI Branch Officer for 17 years.

I am a strong, articulate voice for teachers and I am seeking your vote, to represent you, the teacher, on the Teaching Council.    

Fitness to Teach  

  • All local procedures must be exhausted before a complaint is brought against a teacher under Part 5 of the Teaching Council Act.  Due process and fair procedure is essential.


  • I will be your voice at The Teaching Council to highlight the significant professional development and work teachers already undertake.   I will ensure this is taken into consideration by the Teaching Council.


  •  I will seek to ensure that Droichead is a programme of support and benefit to NQTs. Droichead should be a bridge, not an obstacle.  

I guarantee I will be your voice on the Teaching Council.

Frank Heffernan

Mallow College of Further Education, Annabelle, Mallow, Co. Cork

Frank HeffernanI have over thirty years’ teaching experience at what is now QQI level 6 in the business subject areas and I am currently an evening course teacher in Mallow College of Further Education, Annabella, Mallow, Co. Cork. I am also an active member of the board of management of Mallow College of Further Education.

I have extensive management experience in the public sector and, having retired from that post in December 2019, I can devote time, energy and focus to support the vision, culture, standards and ethics of the Teaching Council, whilst also representing registered teachers, when and where required.

It is very important to elect effective teacher members to the Teaching Council, who can commit the time, energy and focus to the work in hand, as teacher members bring their continuous front-line professional experience of education delivery, to the Teaching Council.

I feel I have the relevant prerequisites and experience to support the Teaching Council in delivery of it’s four key statutory responsibilities, namely:

  • Set standards for entry to the profession of teaching maintain a Register of Teachers
  • Establish professional education requirements for teachers
  • Publish a code of professional conduct
  • Investigate complaints about registered teachers.

Development and delivery of a practical strategic plan for 2020 and beyond is another key area of commitment for me.

Category 4

Community and Comprehensive School Sector


1 candidate to be elected (1 all candidates panel)

Miriam Duggan

Rosmini Community School, Grace Park Road, Druncondra, Dublin 9

Miriam DugganAs a serving teacher, I understand the many demands that are placed on our profession and I am running for the Teaching Council because I believe in the importance of bringing the lived experience of classroom teachers to Council level.  My colleagues have trusted me several times to represent their interests on our school’s Board of Management, where I spent two years as Chair.

I have always worked to promote teachers’ issues.  Because fairness is a central value for me, I was co-founder of the ASTI Equality Committee which works to address inequalities in our profession. 

We teachers work hard to support our students’ wellbeing but often have little time to care about how we are coping.  It is not enough to encourage our professional and academic development - we must also seek to foster our welfare as our work can be demanding and highly-stressed.  I have served on the ASTI Safety, Health and Welfare Committee which aims to promote teacher welfare.  I welcome the Council’s recent work in this area and want to build on this because much more needs to be done.

If you elect me, I will be a strong voice for teachers’ concerns. 

Because teachers matter.

Anne Howard

St. Patrick's Comprehensive, Shannon, Co. Clare

Anne HowardA teacher with 30 years teaching experience and have spent 27 years teaching in St Patrick’s Comprehensive School in Shannon. I am a post holder and an active member of my teaching community. For the past three years I have been an elected member of the Executive of the Teachers Union of Ireland.  I am a member of the NCCA junior board and have represented the TUI at negotiations including the Junior Cycle Implementation Committee.

I will ensure that existing agreed procedures for dealing with complaints at local level are exhausted before a case is forwarded to the Teaching Council.

I want to ensure that when Part 5 cases are being investigated by the Teaching Council that these  are treated with sensitivity and that all teachers are given due process and natural justice.

The PISA report has once again endorsed the high quality of work being done by Irish teachers. I believe that it is important for the Teaching Council to uphold the excellent standards of our profession.

The Teaching Council must encourage a cross section of society to enter the profession by investigating ways to reduce the current prohibitive costs involved in training to be a post primary teacher.

Elected Candidates

In respect of the following panels, the numbers of candidates did not exceed the numbers of persons to be elected in each panel specified. Pursuant to the Teaching Council (Election of Members) Regulations 2019, the Returning Officer has declared the following candidates to be elected without a poll.

For the information of the electorate, the candidates' statements are provided below.

Category 1

Recognised Primary School Sector


1 male panel / 1 female panel

Eamonn Shaughnessy

St Peter's N.S., Snugboro, Castlebar, Co. Mayo

Eamonn ShaughnessyDuring my first term on the Teaching Council of Ireland, I drafted and brought before Council a motion that successfully removed “JobBridge,” and other future internship schemes, as a means through which the probation/induction of NQT’s could be completed, key to protecting the status of the teaching profession.

I contributed to a redrafting of the ‘Droichead,’ process, steering it towards one of induction, and not evaluation. Thereby aligning it more to the preferred model of teachers nationally.

As a Registration Committee member, I initiated a review of the Registration Process, simplifying it considerably for both first time Registrants and those returning to the Register.

I contributed to the issuing by Council of statements critical of ‘Pay Inequality’, and outlining the need for ‘Supply Panels,’ to address teacher supply.

Challenges remain however.

With the final iteration of ‘Cosán’ still open to debate, and proposed changes relating to ‘Inclusive Education’ in the pipeline, now more than ever a strong voice for teachers is needed on Council.

I humbly ask for your support in that regard by giving me your Number 1 vote, in the Connaught/Ulster constituency.

Ar aghaidh linn le chéile!

Is mise,

Eamonn Shaughnessy.


1 male panel / 1 female panel

Catherine Doolan

Lumcloon N.S., Cloghan, Birr, Co. Offaly 

Catherine DoolanOver the past four years as a Council member, I have always worked to ensure that the experience of the teacher on the ground was represented strongly on the Teaching Council. I continue to passionately believe that Irish primary teachers’ long tradition of professionalism should always be protected by Teaching Council policies.

I believe that the following key issues will prove central to Council policy over the next four years:

  • the ongoing challenges in the area of teacher supply. As a teaching principal, I saw first-hand the challenges in sourcing qualified substitute teachers and how this impacts on the stress and workload in schools. I promise to continue to work to keep this issue at the Council table.
  • while Droichead is now being embedded in many schools, it is crucial that emerging challenges with Droichead are found and addressed by Council. Continuous review of Droichead with schools’ voice at the core is imperative.
  • as a member of the Cosán Working Group, I have always advocated that CPD should be a mix of formal/informal, personal/professional, collaborative/individual and be relevant to teachers’ own context. I will continue to advocate that the huge energy of teachers for learning, which I see every day in my seconded role in an Education Centre, is facilitated and nurtured, not diminished.

Sean Ó Dubhlaing

St. Abban's N.S., Killeen, Maganey, Co. Laois

Sean ODubhlaingMy vision as a Teaching Council (TC)nominee  is to have a Teaching Council that is relevant to the teachers that I represent.Such a Council would be a 'listening' Council that hears the voices of classroom teachers and reflects the opinions of these teachers in present and future policy. I believe my experience as an INTO branch secretary places me in a position where I can regularly garner these opinions.I also envisage the Council as a 'reflective' body that would continue to review the Droichead process and would  develop the Cosán process around the needs of Irish teachers  at each stage of their career.As Chairperson of the INTO National Accounts committee, I have experience and a particular skill set that could possibly be deployed to support the Council in its work managing Council resources for the betterment of the teaching profession. Ar aghaidh linn!!  

Category 2

Voluntary Secondary School Sector

Ireland South

1 male panel / 1 female panel

Seán O'Neill

St Laurence College, Loughlinstown, Dublin 18

Sean ONeillASTI Endorsed Candidate

The Teaching Council needs to be a positive voice for teachers. Our profession has seen tremendous change and uncertainty.  The Teaching Council has been part of that change.

The Teaching Council exists to regulate the teaching profession.  When introducing new initiatives, it must demonstrate a duty of care for our teachers and protect our wellbeing. During my term on The Teaching Council, I have initiated and worked on the setting up of ‘Take Care of You’ - a support and information project by The Teaching Council for teachers facing personal, professional or financial crisis.

However, there is still more to do.  Teacher voices need to be heard.  The Teaching Council must actively engage with teachers to reflect the reality of life in school.  It has brought in many new initiatives and innovations which have changed education at a time of under investment in our schools. Droichead, Cosán, and other initiatives, create extra unpaid duties and responsibilities for teachers. I want our Teaching Council to enhance the teaching profession and support all our teachers. This is what I will fight for and I am asking for your vote.

Category 3

Education and Training Boards Sector

Ireland South

1 male panel / 1 female panel

Ann Mulcahy

Colaiste Dun Iascaigh, Cahir, Co. Tipperary

Ann MulcahyI teach in Colaiste Dun Iascaigh, Cahir, an ETB school that serves Second Level and Further Education for the wider community in Co Tipperary.

Since joining the Colaiste and becoming a member of T.U.I, I have been School Rep, Equality Officer and Secretary at Branch Level also a member of our National Standing Orders Committee for TUI Annual Congress and the Congress Organising Committee. I am now serving my third year on the TUI National Executive representing over 1100 members in 5 Branches, South Tipperary, Co. Waterford, Waterford City, Co. Wexford and Co. Kilkenny. During this time, I have dealt successfully with problems that members have encountered with the teaching Council with regards to vetting and registration.

The enactment of Part 5 in July 2016 has brought challenges and requires strong representation for teachers to ensure correct adherence to procedures.  I have gained the required knowledge and experience to take on this role.

An important issue that affects each one of us daily is teacher recruitment and retention, if elected I commit to working with my colleagues to ensure that the teachers’ voice is clearly heard within the Teaching Council and its subcommittees.