Electoral Roll

The term of office of registered teachers who were elected to the current Teaching Council comes to an end in April 2020. The Council has 37 members and 16 of these are teachers who are elected by teachers. An election for teacher members will be held in February/March 2020.

In accordance with the Teaching Council (Election of Members) Regulations 2019, the Electoral Roll, comprising teachers whose name was on the Register at 5pm on 30 September 2019 was made available for inspection by Eligible Teachers up to 20 December 2019.

A condensed version of the Electoral Roll, containing the name, teacher registration number and electoral category (including geographical constituency) was published.

Eligible Teachers, who wish to take part in the election, were invited to inspect the Electoral Roll and submit a request an amendment to the Electoral Roll, in relation to omission and/or electoral category (including geographical constituency) by noon on 20 December 2019. This deadline has now passed.