Commenced probation prior to September 2016

I am a primary school teacher and I have completed the first 50 days of probation with the inspectorate prior to 1 September 2016. How do I complete the final 50 days?

You have two options:

1. Complete Droichead if employed for 60 days or more in an eligible setting in a school participating in Droichead  or

2. Complete probation if employed for 50 days or more in a mainstream setting in a school that does not participate in Droichead. In order to achieve full registration you will also need to complete the induction workshop programme (see below).

I am a primary school teacher who commenced probation prior to 1 September 2016. Do I still have to complete the induction workshop programme?

If you complete probation with the Inspectorate you must complete your induction workshop programme.

However, if you choose option 1 above and complete the Droichead process the induction workshop programme will not be a requirement, as Droichead is an integrated induction process.

How do I notify the Teaching Council of completion of probation with the Inspectorate?

To seek to have the condition of Probation removed from your registration, you should submit a fully completed Form C to the Teaching Council. This can be downloaded here from the Teaching Council website.