Register as a Droichead school, 2015/2016

Droichead is designed as a formal welcome for new teachers into the profession by fellow professionals.

We are delighted to advise that schools who wish register for Droichead 2015/2016, are now being accepted by the National Induction Programme for Teachers (NIPT).  Complete this form to register as a Droichead school for 2015/2016.

Take a look at our Key Points of Information about Droichead, or find out more here.

Droichead Shared Learning Day

In April, the NIPT convened a Droichead Shared Learning Day to promote a wider understanding of the overall growth and policy development of Droichead and to also acknowledge and thank those involved in the Droichead process. The day gave a glimpse of what is possible when teachers come together to support each other’s learning.

Droichead offers a great opportunity to experience that support throughout the year and provides a supportive framework for a whole school approach to formally welcome newly qualified teachers into the most important profession in society.

Over 100 schools and over 400 delegates attended to hear more about the Droichead process, which offers teachers as professionals an unprecedented opportunity to shape education policy that directly affects them and their colleagues.