Retrospective Vetting Update

The wellbeing of children and vulnerable persons is a central element of the professional responsibility of teachers. At the start of 2017, the Teaching Council set out to facilitate the vetting of just over 32,000 registered teachers who had not been vetted by the Council, by the end of 2017.

To date the Council has requested approximately 13,500 registered teachers to complete the retrospective vetting application requirement. The remaining 19,000 registered teachers will receive notifications in September 2017 and are advised to comply with both stages of the application process in the 28 day timeframe specified. If a vetting request is not complied with, a teacher's registration may not be renewed. Teachers who are not registered with the Council cannot receive a state funded salary.

The Council would like to thank teachers for their cooperation in waiting until they receive a notice from the Council to apply for vetting. The statutory vetting requirements for teachers changing schools/ jobs continue to apply as set out in DES Circular 0031/2016