Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) in Ireland

The Teaching Council has developed a streamlined application process for final year teacher education students who wish to register with the Council. It operates as follows:

Step 1 - Teaching Council Visits Colleges and Universities

A representative from the Teaching Council presents (either in person or online) to final year students in each college or university where a programme of teacher education is being provided.  The purpose of the visit is to outline the role and functions of the Teaching Council, to provide information about the process of registration and Vetting, and to distribute the forms required to commence the registration process. 

Before a person can commence teaching in a recognised school, or receive salary from State funds, he or she must be registered with the Teaching Council. For final year students, the process commences before a student completes his or her final year exams. To ensure a simple and straightforward process of registration, the following steps must be completed.

  1. Consent Form for the Transfer of Student Details and Qualification Results from College/University to the Teaching Council

    The Teaching Council seeks student data from the colleges and universities to facilitate and simplify the registration process. The details sought include name, address, date of birth, gender, PPS number, qualification title and final grade information. In order for colleges and universities to transfer this data to the Teaching Council, students are requested to complete the consent form and authorise the college or university to transfer student contact details and exam results to The Teaching Council. This form should be completed and returned to the Registrar’s Office/ nominated individual in the Education Department in the college or university.

    If a Consent Form is not completed by a student, the college or university will not forward that student's data to the Council. As a consequence, the Teaching Council will not be in a position to issue an NQT Registration Application Form and the applicant will be required to apply for registration using the standard registration application form and provide all qualification transcripts and proof of identity.

  2. Vetting Application

    It is a requirement under the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016 (NVB Act) that individuals who work with children and vulnerable persons be vetted by the National Vetting Bureau (NVB). The Teaching Council is the authorised body for administering vetting for teachers in Ireland and is required to assess a vetting disclosure for employment purposes.  Please click here for a guide to applying for vetting.

  3. Character Reference Form

    Under the Teaching Council Acts, 2001 - 2015, one of the requirements for admission to the Register of Teachers is satisfactory evidence of character. The Council seeks evidence of character through the Vetting process (as described in the previous section) and through the completion of the Character Reference Form.

    The Character Reference Form must be completed by a person in a position of scholastic/academic responsibility, who has known the applicant for at least one academic year in the last five years and who considers the character of the applicant to be suitable for the teaching profession.

    In past years, NQTs have encountered difficulties in finding a suitable person to complete this section of the form at a time when school principals, registered teachers, and college staff are on summer leave. To alleviate this problem, it is advised that the Character Reference Form is

    • completed prior to sitting your final exams and,
    • retained and submitted along with the application for registration which is issued to you in the summer months.

    All final year students are strongly advised to attend these information sessions and complete the forms listed above in order to ensure the registration process is completed prior to the commencement of the school year. It is advisable to fully read the NQT Registration Information Leaflet which discusses in detail each step leading to registration.

Step 2 - Students Apply for Registration

When a student successfully completes a teacher education programme and has previously completed a Consent form, his or her college/university will transfer the student's details to the Teaching Council. An NQT registration application form is pre-populated with those details and posted to the student.

Newly qualified teachers are required to complete the NQT Application Form for Registration, have it signed and stamped where indicated, and may need to provide additional documentation (transcripts) listed on the application form. This form must be correctly completed and returned to the Council before the deadline date provided to ensure completion of registration for the new school year.

A Character Reference Form must accompany all applications for registration.

Please note:  The Council cannot process an application for registration until the applicant has completed the vetting process. (See the Evidence of Character Section).

Newly qualified teachers in general are granted registration with conditions pending the successful completion of all post-qualification professional practice requirements.