View the Register

Teachers and members of the public alike may access the Register of Teachers. 

My Registration

Registered teachers may view their details online through My Registration using their Registration number and password.

Public Access Teacher Search

The Search the Register facility allows members of the public to ascertain if a teacher is registered. The information presented regarding a registered teacher is as follows:

  • Registration Number
  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Education Sector
  • The school in which the teacher is employed (as recently notified).

To search the register, click on the link below and enter a registration number in the registration number field. Alternatively, a teacher may be found using the forename and surname fields.  If a query returns too many records, the query can be further refined by selecting a school sector.

If you do not know the exact spelling of a forename or surname, insert % before or after a name, or characters from that name.

For example, a search for Mar% in the forename field will return the following forenames - Mary, Mark, Martha, Marie, Marie-Therese, etc.