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Click on the links below to access our research themed ezines. Most of these ezines accompanied a webinar on the same topic. You can access the webinar page here.

Inclusion for All ezine, 24 October 2018

We are delighted to issue this research ezine on Inclusion for All, which precedes our upcoming webinar on the same topic on 7 November.  We are grateful to Emeritus Professor Sheelagh Drudy who has written a short introduction in this edition of our ezine. All Articles which are summarised in this ezine are freely available and links have been included at the start of each summary. Click here to read more.

Pasi Sahlberg introduces our 2018 student teacher research ezine, 4 May 2018

Research by and for teachers is essential to support their learning and practice. The CROÍ Research Series brings together a series of initiatives through which the Council aims to strengthen connections between research, policy and practice. One element of CROÍ is its series of research e-zines. Click here to read more.

April Webinars ezine, 13 April 2018

This ezine contains details of the research webinars taking place in April 2018. Click here for full details.

CROÍ Research ezine, 22 March 2018

In this, the first edition of our e-zine in the CROÍ Research Series in 2018, we introduce our forthcoming webinar with the renowned Professor Andy Hargreaves! We also set out the dates for all planned webinars in 2018 (and even one in 2019!), covering a variety of topics including Student Engagement, Childhood Bilingualism, and Inclusive Practice.

Research ezine on Wellbeing, 26 October 2017

This ezine containes ten summaries of research articles that consider wellbeing from different perspectives including: wellbeing and academic performance; wellbeing and general health; wellbeing and emotional intelligence; resilience; subjective wellbeing; wellbeing and a sense of personal worth; and adolescent wellbeing. All articles which are summarised in this ezine can be accessed free of charge. Click here to read more.

Fullan Special Edition, 24 August 2017

This ezine, issued to promote the Croí research webinar of 6 September 2017 (“Building Cultures of Collaborative Professionalism” presented by Prof. Michael Fullan, O.C.) and includes summaries of seven Prof. Fullan’s articles. Click here to read more.

Transitions in Education, 27 April 2017

As we approach the final term of this school year, the beginning of the next school year tends to be somewhat down the list in terms of our priorities. This is understandable. As the end of May or June approaches, however, some thought is given to the transition ahead – circulation of book lists for September for example. And for our pupils and students who are about to cross the significant threshold of primary to post-primary, it can be a somewhat anxious time. This is why we are turning to the topic of educational transitions for this research ezine. Click here to read more.

Student Teacher Research Ezine, 22 March 2017

Research by and for teachers is essential to support their learning and practice as professionals. The Teaching Council has endeavored to engage teachers with relevant research through research specific webinars and the publication of research ezines delivered to all registered teachers. Cognisant of the volume and quality of new research being conducted by ITE students as part of their programmes, the Teaching Council contacted all HEIs in 2016 with a view to publishing this research ezine, comprised of summaries of research carried out by students from Initial Teacher Education programmes nationwide. The submitted summaries represent both concurrent and consecutive, and indeed those from primary and post-primary programmes. While exploring a varied range of research topics, the summaries are usefully grouped under some of the Council's Priority Research AreasPedagogy, Teaching in a Changing Society, and The Continuum of Teacher Education. Click here to read more.

Cross-Curricular Teaching and Learning, 17 February 2017

This edition contains summaries of freely-available research articles related to cross-curricular teaching and learning. In essence, this is about harnessing research to support greater integration of curricular areas by individual teachers, as well as deeper and more helpful collaboration between teachers across a number of disciplines or different curricular areas. Click here to read more

Guskey: Making the Journey of Professional Learning, 19 January 2017

This ezine contains useful articles to support the webinar held by Prof. Thomas Guskey in January 2017. Under the banner, From teaching to learning, and back again – Making the journey of professional learning, the webinar was interactive in format, providing attendees with opportunities to learn about Professor Guskey's thinking on this area. Professor Guskey encouraged teachers to reflect on what professional learning is and means for them, and will explore ways in which they can work out whether the learning experience has been of benefit. Click here to read more of the articles to support this webinar.

Click here to listen back to the webinar.

Research Ezine, 23 September 2016

The topics covered include Inclusion, Leadership, Assessment for Learning (AfL), Curricular Reform, and Action Research. The ezine is one example of the Council's work in empowering teachers to support each other in reflecting on and enhancing their professional practice. Click here to read more.