Research Summaries

Between 2007 and 2011 the Teaching Council ran 4 research bursary schemes to support teachers’ ongoing professional learning through their engagement in and with research.

During this time, 108 projects were awarded funding and links to the research received to date are provided below. For your convenience we have grouped them according to the area being researched.  As more bursary recipients submit their completed research and it undergoes our independent review process, this page will be updated. Over time, it will become a valuable research respource for teachers and others interested in teaching, learning and for practising teachers and all with an interest in teaching, learning and assessment.
If, having read a research summary, you are interested in making contact with the researcher to find out more, email and we will be happy to forward your contact details to the researcher. 

Cooperative Learning

  1. Science Teachers' Use of Whole Class Instruction and Cooperative Learning Methodologies in a Girls' Voluntary Secondary School.  Research by Miriam Hamilton (2008/09 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  2. The effect of Cooperative Learning on Academic Achievement and Social Interaction in the Mathematics classroom.  Research by Caroline O'Brien (2008/09 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  3. An Investigation into the effects of Cooperative Learning on English Spelling and Comprehension in a Second Level Gaelscoil. Research by Joseph Cremen (2008/09 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report

  4. Cooperative Learning in the Language Classroom – Can it improve the oral competency of the students? Research by Eileen Butler (2008/09 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  5. The Effects of Co-operative Learning on a Second Year Junior Certificate Class. Research by Barry Slattery (2010/11 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.


  1. The Impact of the Interactive Whiteboard on a Multi-grade Irish Primary School Setting. Research by Triona Hannon (2008/09 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  2. The Misconceptions of Mathematical Probability amongst Primary Student Teachers: Can ICT be used constructively to highlight and eliminate?  Research by Pat Sheridan (2009/10 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report.

  3. Learning and Teaching with Lego Mindstorms Control Technology in the Twenty-first Century Classroom. Research by Ita Ahern (2009/10 Bursary Scheme).Read summary report.

  4. A Multiple Case Study Exploring the Benefits, Concerns and Problems with Online Education for Primary School Children.  Research by Conor Ryan (2009/10 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report.

  5. How can I use Video to Enhance Teacher Engagement with my School's Abundant ICT Equipment?. Research by Laura Sloyan (2010/11 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  6. Assessing the Attitudes of Primary School Children to Using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Devices in Geography.  Research by Francis Gray (2010/11 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report.

  7. The Role of Shared Creation of E-Portfolios in the Formation of a Community of Practice. Research by Margaret Deegan (2008/09 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  8. Exploring the Impact of ICT on the Irish Classroom.  Research by Eleanor Walsh (2010/11 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report.

  9. An Investigation of a Technology-Supported Problem Based Learning Initiative in a Transition Year Class.  Research by Naomi McGoldrick (2010/11 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  10. A study into the influence that Information Communication Technology tools have on primary pupils' attitudes towards science.  Research by Kieran Kelly (2010/11 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  11. An Exploratory Study into the Effectiveness of an Automated Assessment Tool and Software Intervention for Working Memory. Research by Michele English (2010/11 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report

Teacher Education

  1. Bridging the Gap Between Campus and Classroom: Relationships within Teaching Practice Placements. Research by Ann-Marie Young (2009/10 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report.

Special Educational Needs

  1. Educational Provision for Children with Speech and Language Difficulties in Mainstream Primary Schools. Research by Emma Browne (2008/09 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report

  2. An Action Research Study of Developing Provision for Children with Dyspraxia/DCD. Research by Elsie Carmel Healy (2009/10 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  3. An Evaluation of Modified Teaching Methodologies and Classroom Management Strategies for Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Research by Phyllis Clegg (2007 Bursary Scheme) Read summary report.

Educational Leadership

  1. One Year in the Rough Ground of Practice: Phronesis as a Mode of Educational Leadership in a Multicultural Primary School.  Research by Fintan McCutcheon (2007 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report.

  2. A Critical Exploration into the Challenging Dual Role of the Teaching Principal and how the Board of  Management and Parent Association in Small Schools can Contribute to Enabling the Principal Realise Curriculum Focused Leadership within a Learning Community.  Research by Monica Fanning (2007 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  3. The Functions of the Catholic Primary School Board of Management and the Principal: An Exploration of Prescription and Practice.  Research by Brendan Smyth (2010/11 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report.

Literacy and Numeracy

    1. Developing Learner Autonomy in Primary School Students to Improve English Literacy Levels in an Increasingly Diverse Irish Society.  Research by Collette Dunne (2007 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report.

    2. Learner Autonomy and Language Learning. Research by Ruth Whelan (2008/09 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

    3. A Jaworskian Analysis of Four Senior Class Primary Teachers Endeavouring to Teach Mathematics from a Constructivist-Compatible Perspective. Read summary report.


  1. Formative Assessment in an Infant School. Research by Máire Duffy (2010/11 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  2. Assessment for Learning: from Theory to Practice.  Research by Kathryn McSweeney (2008/09 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

Transition from Primary Level to Post-Primary Level

  1. "Mind the Gap": Students' Perspectives on the Transition from Primary to Post-Primary School. Research by Elizabeth McNally (2007 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  2. Bridging the Chasm: How Can I Improve the Transition Experience of Sixth Class Students Moving into Post-Primary School? Research by Rory McGann (2010/11 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.


  1. Textbooks in the Constructivist Classroom.  Research by Michelle Dunlea (2009/10 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  2. Film production as a Methodology to Support the Teaching and Learning of History in the Senior Classes of Primary School. Research by Paul Moroney (2008/09 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  3. Irish Schools as Communities of Practice for Citizenship Education: The Experiences of One Primary School. Research by Niamh O'Brien (2009/10 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  4. The Impact of a Small Scale Conflict Resolution Intervention Programme on Students' Conflict Management Skills. Research by Mary Hogan (2007 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report.

  5. Identification of Difficult Topics in the Teaching and Learning of Chemistry in Irish Schools and the Development of an Intervention Programme to Target some of these Difficulties.  Research by Maria Sheehan (2009/10 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report.

  6. Eleven Years On: A Case Study of Geography Practices and Perspectives within an Irish Primary School.  Research by Méabh Cummins (2010/11 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report.

  7. Slí an Cheoil - Experiencing Irish Traditional Music in Post-Primary Music Education.  Research by Thomas Johnston (2009/10 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report.

  8. Formal Teacher-Pupil Mentoring in Irish Second Level Education: 'The Blackwater Experience'. Research by David King (2010/11 Bursary Scheme). Read summary report.

  9. An Evaluation of the Graduate Diploma in Guidance Counselling at the University of Limerick: Implications for policy and practice in initial education for Guidance Counsellors.  Research by Dr Jennifer Liston (2009/10 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report.

  10. Catholic School Ethos - Ag Seo Ár gCúram.  Research by Deborah Skelly.  (It should be noted that this summary relates to research which was carried out by a registered teacher independent of the Teaching Council's research bursary scheme.  It has been publishsed on this page, following a request by the researcher, as it was considered that the research in question is timely in the context of the evolving patronage landscape and will be of wide interest in the education community.) Read summary report.

  11. 'Dissecting the Bird to Articulate the Song' Exploring the Nature of Teaching and Learning Poetry at Leaving Certificate Level in Ireland.  Research by Jennifer Hennessy (2008/2009 Bursary Scheme).  Read summary report.