Data sets for reference by teachers and other educational researchers

Below is a list of data sets which will be of interest to applicants under the Council’s Research Support Framework and others engaging in or with research. This is not an exhaustive list and applications using other datasets not listed here will of course be considered in the context of the Council’s Research Support Framework.

Conducting secondary analysis of existing datasets can be advantageous for a number of reasons,  the foremost being:

  • These data sets tend to be large and collect a larger number of variables than a smaller primary study so allow for exploration of the relationship between different factors;
  • They have been previously cleaned for archival purposes;
  • They reduce the time and resources required to collect primary data;
  • They also constitute an effective use of a valuable existing research resource.

Some of these collections may be restricted to academic researchers. Teachers who are registered students at third level can get access via their academic institutions. Further information on each of these datasets is available at the website links provided below.

Collection titleLocationLink
Adapting to Diversity: Irish schools and newcomer students (Primary and Second-Level School Principals, 2009)ISSDAAvailable here
All-Ireland Traveller Health Study (AITHS)ISSDAAvailable here
The Children's Sport Participation and Physical Activity StudyISSDAAvailable here
Growing up in Ireland (GUI): National Longitudinal Study of Children (longitudinal study)ISSDAAvailable here
GUI Register of Use: areas of research being undertaken using the Growing Up in Ireland dataISSDAAvailable here
Growing Up in Ireland, wave 1 at 9 years (qualitative interviews)IQDAAvailable here
Growing Up in Ireland wave 1 at 9 months (qualitative interviews)IQDAAvailable here
School Leavers SurveyISSDAAvailable here
New Urban Living Collection (Children's essays about their local area)IQDAAvailable here
Doodle Den: Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Childhood Development Initiative's Doodle Den Literacy Programme, 2008-2011ISSDAAvailable here
Mate Tricks: Evaluation of the Childhood Development Initiative's Mate Tricks programmeISSDAAvailable here