Teacher Education

Group Consultation Sessions

The impact of reconceptualised programmes of Initial Teacher Education in Ireland

The Teaching Council is assessing the impact of changes to the programmes of Initial Teacher Education in Ireland as experienced at individual, school and system levels.

The findings of the Impact Consultation Exercise (ICE) suggest a number of key areas that require further discussion:

  • Programme Structure/Mandatory Areas
  • School Placement & Gaeltacht Experience
  • Research & Portfolios

The Council will convene Group Consultation Sessions in Autumn 2018 to discuss the areas outlined above.

The Council particularly welcomes contributions from student teachers, newly qualified teachers (NQTs) and support staff in universities and schools.  

The findings from the ICE report, your feedback, as well as related school placement research and DES publications will be used in the redrafting of Initial Teacher Education standards documents.

Four consultation sessions (evenings) will be held as outlined below with specific locations confirmed closer to the time:

Group Consultation Sessions

Tuesday,    4 September 2018           (Dublin region)

Thursday,  6 September 2018            (Dublin region)

Tuesday,   11 September 2018          (Southern region)

Thursday, 13 September 2018          (Western region)


If you would like to attend any of the sessions listed above, please send an email indicating your interest, regional preference and professional profile to ITE@teachingcouncil.ie , before Friday 24 August 2018.

The Continuum of Teacher Education

As the professional body for teaching in Ireland, the Teaching Council has many functions relating to teacher education.  These functions span the entire teaching career from entry to initial teacher education programmes, accreditation of such programmes, and induction of newly qualified teachers into the profession, to the continuing professional development of teachers throughout their careers.

Following a consultation process, the Council has published its Policy Paper on the Continuum of Teacher Education and a suite of ancillary documents. This provides the framework for the Council's functions relating to teacher education.