Induction Workshop Programme

The National Induction Programme for Teachers (NIPT), is a State-funded support service for induction. In collaboration with the Education Centre Network (ATECI), the NIPT facilitates a 20-hour Workshop Programme for newly qualified primary and post-primary teachers (NQTs). 


The Induction Programme is a flexible learning programme, funded by the Department of Education and Skills, and designed to meet the particular professional learning needs of newly qualified teachers (NQTs). The programme, coordinated by the National Induction Programme for Teachers, builds on the learning that took place during initial teacher education. It can be tailored by an NQT to his or her particular circumstances. Subject to an overall minimum of 20 hours of professional learning, NQTs may combine school-based professional learning activities with off-site workshops. Engagement in the Induction Programme is a requirement for all NQTs not engaging in the Droichead process, who wish to be fully registered with the Teaching Council. See below for more details of the key elements of the programme.

A. Evening Workshops

This element consists of a suite of evening workshops run throughout the year at local Education Centres. NQTs can satisfy the registration requirement of the Teaching Council by attending 10 of these 2-hour evening workshops.

B. Day-time Workshops

This element consists of two cross-sectoral workshops run on the one day – Teacher Professionalism and Well-being and Inclusion held on a non-teaching day, usually a Saturday, at local Education Centre. This day will be repeated depending on demand. From October, all other workshops, once they have been offered in the schedule, may be repeated on a non-teaching day, at the discretion of the local EC. There is a maximum of 2 workshops per non-teaching day. NQTs may choose to attend one or both of the 2-hour workshops, thereby accumulating 2 or 4 hours of the required 20 hours.

C. Online Workshops

Online Workshops: There are 3 online workshops available to NQTs:

  • Planning and Preparation (Primary) / School Self-Evaluation and Planning (Post-Primary). 
  • Supporting Students with SEN in Mainstream Classes (Post-Primary).

These are available at

D. School-Based Induction

This element only applies to NQTs who are in a school with an NIPT trained mentor whose school has registered with the NIPT for induction release time for 2017-2018.

NQTs who have an NIPT trained mentor at school level, and whose school has registered with the NIPT for induction release time for 2017-2018, may avail of up to 6 hours of school-based induction activities as part of the Teaching Council’s 20-hour Induction Programme requirement. A form available at must be completed and returned to confirm the above.

NQTs who have an NIPT trained mentor, and whose school has registered with NIPT for induction release time for 2017/2018, may count up to 6 hours of school-based work with their mentor as part of the Teaching Council’s 20-hour workshop programme requirement. The NIPT will provide NQTs with a form for the purpose of recording these hours throughout the year. NQTs who avail of this option must also attend a minimum of 14 hours of the evening and/or day-time workshops, as outlined at A, B and C above. 

E. Workshop Programme for NQTs Teaching Abroad (2017/2018)

In an effort to support NQTs who are teaching outside of Ireland, the NIPT and ATECI are offering such NQTs an opportunity to complete the NIPT workshop programme on Saturdays in education centres during the academic year 2017/2018.

NQTs teaching outside of Ireland can register online to attend the Saturday workshop programme at

For further information on the induction workshop programme, please visit