Checking Vetting Status

Applicants for National Vetting Bureau (NVB Vetting)

Once you have completed Stage Two of your vetting application you can check its status with the National Vetting Bureau by logging on to the National Vetting Bureau website.

Your vetting application number/application ID, as issued by email by the National Vetting Bureau on successful completion of a vetting application, is required.

Previously vetted teachers who need to prove they have been vetted for Retrospective Vetting

Registered teachers can access proof of their previous vetting for Retrospective Vetting on the MyRegistration section of the website. Once successfully logged in, go to the 'Vetting Details' option on the left of the screen.

Teachers may have a status of

  • Approved
  • Ratified by Evidence of Character Panel
  • Approved by EOCP (Evidence of Character Panel)
  • Approved by EOCP with Conditions.

Moving Schools

All teachers applying for new employment in a new school require NVB vetting.

Circular Letter 0031/2016 sets out recruitment procedures requirements for vetting.


The requirement to be vetted for both employment and registration purposes is provided for in law, under the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012-2016 and the Teaching Council Act 2001-2015.