Top five reasons why Form Ds 2020/2021 are being returned to NQTs

When the Form D-Droichead must be returned it causes delays for all involved especially Newly Qualified Teachers.
Listed below are the top 5 reasons why Form Ds are being returned to teachers:
  1. Only one Professional Support Team Member (PST) has signed Section 9-Joint Declaration of the form - it is essential that at least two fully trained members of your PST sign and date this section of the form. Where only one fully trained PST member is available to support the NQT, the School Principal is required to sign the form confirming that the Droichead process took place. Where an NQT uses an Inter Schools or External PST model to support their Droichead process, all PST Members involved in the process must sign and date the Form D. Please ensure that the School Name, Roll Number, and Official School Stamp are included.
  2. Teachers are failing to indicate that the minimum requirement (60 days for Primary, or 200 hours for Post-primary) has been completed during their Droichead process on Section 3 Droichead Timeline of the form. Please note that both online teaching and classroom teaching must be included.
  3. Details of the Professional Learning Activity -Section 6 are either not being provided or were completed either before or after the official start or completion date of the Droichead process – this can only be completed within your Droichead timeframe.
  4. Teachers are failing to insert their area(s) of interest for their future professional learning activity in Section 7-Reflective Practice.
  5. Section 4, School Based Induction tick box is not checked.

Please ensure that your Form D is fully completed, that all relevant fields are populated, all tick boxes are checked and relevant sections are signed, dated and stamped before you submit. It is only on receipt of a fully completed Form D that the Teaching Council will be in a position to remove the condition of Droichead and update your registration status.