Who is eligible to commence probation?

A primary teacher who is conditionally registered, and whose remaining conditions relate to probation and induction, is eligible to commence the probationary process. He or she must do so in a teaching post that is recognised for probationary purposes in primary school.

How does an eligible teacher apply for probation?

Applications to undertake the probationary process and other related queries should be made to Limerick Education Centre Please note that probation may only commence when all other qualification shortfall conditions and the Irish Language Requirement (if applicable) have been fulfilled.

Applications must be made as soon as the teacher commences service in a post recognised for probationary purposes. The Teaching Council does not accept applications for inspection visits.

If you have any questions about the probationary process contact Limerick Education Centre, Tel: 061 585 060 or

What are the requirements for probation?

Requirements are set out in full in the Council's document Post-qualification Professional Practice Procedures and Criteria 2018/2019.

What are the time limits for completing probation?

A teacher is normally required to fulfil probation within three years of initial registration.

Failure to satisfactorily fulfil conditions within the defined period of time may result in a teacher's registration lapsing.

  • In the case of teachers who registered after 01/09/2010, and who have other registration conditions, for example, conditions relating to qualification shortfalls or the Irish Language Requirement, the probationary condition must be completed within three years after the date on which all other non-probationary conditions have been met, i.e. two consecutive periods are permitted.
  • Teachers who registered before 01/09/2010 and were employed in posts recognised in probationary purposes, whose period of probation has not expired by that date, will have until 31 August 2015 to satisfy the probationary requirement.

What if I can't complete probation within the time provided?

If a registered teacher is unable to complete the requirements of a registration condition within the specified period, he or she may apply to the Council for an extension. This application must be made in the year in which the specified period is due to expire. The teacher must outline the difficulties and/or extenuating circumstances preventing the completion of the required measures in the time specified. The Council will consider such requests in the context of the nature of the registration condition, the progress made to date and the work that remains to be completed. Every application for an extension is evaluated on its own merits. Extensions are typically granted for the following reasons:

  • a prolonged illness which prevents a teacher from working; or a serious illness of a close relative for whom the teacher has acted as a carer
  • bereavement  involving the death of family members or dependents
  • maternity, paternity, adoptive or unpaid leave has been granted
  • a teacher has not secured employment necessary to meet a condition
  • long-term foreign travel or employment outside Ireland

The teacher may apply for an extension by completing the Extension Request Form EXT-01. Documentary evidence will be required as outlined on the reverse of the form. The Director or his/her nominee will consider the application for an extension. If an application is refused, an applicant can appeal the decision. This appeal will be considered by the Registration Committee of the Council.

How does a teacher remove the registration condition of probation?

The probationary period ends when the Teaching Council is satisfied that both the service requirement and the professional competence requirement are fully met. The Council will provide confirmation to the teacher regarding his or her conditional or full registration as a teacher.

Failure to fulfil registration conditions successfully and within the stipulated time limit may result in the registration of the teacher lapsing and will have significant implications for his or her eligibility for employment in a school.

Once a teacher has completed both requirements for probation, he or she must submit a completed Form C with a statement of Inspection from the Limerick Education Centre (LEC).