2018 Showcases and Workshops


Showcases will be zoned by theme, making it easier to navigate the showcase hall and find your area of interest. Primary, Post-primary and Further Education sectors will be represented in each zone. The full list of Showcases is here

  • Wellbeing,
  • Digital,
  • Inclusion,
  • STEM,
  • Languages,
  • Cross Curricular,
  • Collaborative Practice and Teaching Methodologies.


All workshops will take place on Saturday, 6th October. You can book into a workshop when you arrive in MIC on Saturday morning. 

  1. Technology Enhanced Learning: A Model of Peer Mentoring Support

  2. Sharing the successes of a Silent Lunch initiative in a secondary school

  3. From STEM to STEAM - 5 ideas to bring to class

  4. Biggs' Constructive Alignment: A model for lesson planning for post-primary schools

  5. Successfully Implementing a Strengths-Based Contextual Approach to Autism in Education

  1. 'Thinking, Planning and Acting Inclusively' Using Universal Design for Learning to Enhance Lifelong Learning

  2. Language Explorers

  3. Developing problem solving strategies for primary and secondary school pupils

  4. Outdoor Learning to Support PE and Wellbeing

  5. Science on Stage Workshop - Putting the Wow into Demos

  1. Virtual Reality for Language Learning

  2. Flow: Mindfulness through activity

  3. Exploring Teaching Philosophies and Performance: Using Evidence-Based Teaching Portfolio Development

  4. Creating LGBT Inclusive Schools

  5. Internet Safety - A Whole School Approach

Full details of all 2018 workshops available here