Post Qualification Employment (PQE) for Post-Primary Teachers

To meet the condition of probation, post-primary newly qualified teachers are required to complete a period of post-qualification employment (PQE) or Droichead (the new pilot model for probation). Procedures for PQE and Droichead are set out in detail in the Council's document: Procedures for Induction and Procedures and Criteria for Probation 2014/2015.

PQE involves providing evidence of 300 hours' teaching experience in a recognised school which is verified and signed by the school principal. A minimum of 200 hours of the approved teaching experience must relate to the teaching of a recognised curricular subject to a designated class on the School's timetable and may also include Guidance and Counselling.  Up to 100 hours of the approved teaching experience may be carried out in a learning support, special needs, language support, or guidance counselling role. A maximum period of three years is permitted to meet this requirement.

On fulfilling this condition, registrants should complete Form B, have it signed and stamped by the School Principal and return it to the Teaching Council.