E-Cards and E-Receipting

The Teaching Council is continually reviewing its systems and processes in order to improve teachers' experiences by providing better access to the information held by the Council. The current practice of issuing integrated plastic cards and hardcopy receipts is being replaced by an easily accessible electronic card (e-Card) and electronic receipt (e-Receipt). This has arisen as a result of teachers' feedback requesting a move towards a self-service mode of operating giving teachers more control of their information, the need to streamline the renewal processes by making it more cost neutral and consideration for the environment by reducing plastic usage.

E-Card and E-Receipt Issue 

With effect from mid-November 2018, the Council will issue e-Cards and e-Receipts only. By logging onto the My Registration section of the Council's website, teachers can access, download and print their e-Cards, receipts and Certificates of Registration. The files can be saved directly onto mobile devices for easy, anytime access thereby giving an enhanced service for all registered teachers.