Research Alive! Shared Learning Day 2017

This event sought to provide support for those teacher researchers actively engaged in research and represented a great opportunity for them to share their experiences with each other and other researchers. This Shared Learning Day was a celebration of the ongoing research in teaching and learning. It also encouraged further critical engagement with research and acted as a catalyst for aspiring teacher-researchers who were seeking collegial and practical support and guidance.

Dr Carol Campbell, (@CarolCampbell4) University of Toronto, addressed the attendees as key note speaker. Her address was titled: Teachers Leading Educational Improvement: Mobilising Knowledge Of, By and For the Learning Profession. Dr Campbell has worked extensively within the education field, particularly in relation to Leadership and Educational Change. She is an Education Advisor to the Premier and the Minister of Education in Ontario, a member of the International Council of Education Advisers to the First Minister and Deputy First Minister in Scotland, and a member of the Wales Education Commission. Carol is known for her commitment to combining evidence from professional knowledge and research to develop professional capacity for educational improvement. Her work includes a focus on supporting teachers’ professional learning and leadership, and on knowledge mobilization for educational improvement.

The day also offered opportunities to engage in practical workshops on planning, sharing and funding research, and included a Researchmeet segment, where teachers and others presented on any aspect of their completed or ongoing research. 

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