Research Engagement Group

The Research Engagement Group (REG) is comprised of registered teachers and others with experience of, and interest in, research in the areas of teaching, learning and/or assessment. The group represents a broad spectrum of teaching contexts, and research interests, and endeavours to:

  • Support the Council’s work in the area of research, including facilitating critical access by teachers to research
  • Promote engagement by teachers in, and with, research
  • Promote engagement between teachers and others engaging in research, including HEI-based researchers.

Participation in the group is on a voluntary, opt-in basis, and it normally consists of approximately twenty members who have a term of office of two years.  The group meets on three occasions per year, though further meetings may be scheduled when required. The group has convened for the current two-year term, but the Council would welcome expressions of interest from individuals who wish to be involved in the future, or in the event that vacancies arise from time to time. Individuals who have contributed to educational research, and have a willingness to facilitate teachers’ engagement in and with research, should submit an expression of interest below to

Expressions of interest will be considered having regard to a range of factors including:

  • Evidence of interest in/ engagement with research in teaching, learning and assessment
  • Commitment and availability to attend scheduled meetings. (Meetings are normally held online, but this is subject to change.)
  • Willingness to engage in REG activities including:
    • Engaging in professional conversations to promote enhanced connections between research, policy and practice in teaching and learning
    • Recommending reading material for the profession from the EBSCO database or elsewhere
    • Writing brief synopses of recommended research for publication on the Council’s website or via its E-zine
    • Providing feedback on the Council’s research strategy and priority research areas as required.