Overview of Teacher Education Provision in Ireland

List of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

Click here for a list of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) providing programmes of initial teacher education and details of how to apply (primary, post-primary, further education).

Criteria and guidelines for programme providers

The Council has published the following criteria and guidelines for HEIs providing programmes of initial teacher education in order to ensure that their programmes meet the Council's accreditation requirements:

These should be read in conjunction with the Guidelines on School Placement which have been approved as an addendum to the criteria and, in the case of programmes for primary teachers, the Gaeltacht Placement Report.

Post-primary subject criteria

During 2012, the Teaching Council undertook a review of all post-primary curricular subject requirements and the procedures to determine suitability of degree qualifications prior to entry onto programmes of initial teacher education. Following a wide-ranging consultation with relevant education stakeholders, a revised set of requirements was drawn up, ratified by Council in December 2012 and forwarded to the Minister for Education and Skills, who agreed with the Council’s views on the matter.

The revised subject requirements, which come into effect for those applying for registration after 1 January 2017 (and for those entering a two-year Professional Master of Education in 2015), were published on the Council’s website in October 2013 and disseminated to all HEIs and education stakeholders.

The Council has commenced a review process of the current Post-Primary Curricular Subject Criteria, in the context of a range of factors including ongoing developments in the continuum of teacher education, teacher supply issues and junior cycle reform.