Teachers' Learning (CPD)

The concept of life-long learning in the teaching profession has been endorsed by educationalists and teachers for many years. Please see, for example, this extract from an article by a leading Irish educationalist. 

The Council’s functions in relation to continuing professional development (CPD) provide that the Council will advise the Minister in relation to teachers’ CPD, promote engagement in CPD, conduct research into it and raise awareness of the benefits of teachers’ learning, among the public and teaching profession alike.

To that end, the Council has developed Cosán, the National Framework for Teachers' Learning. Cosán forms part of an overall framework of standards for all stages of teachers' learning, including initial teacher education and induction (Droichead). These standards have been designed to reassure both the profession and the wider public that teachers' learning is of high quality and is able to adapt and respond to learners' evolving needs.


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