Cosán Stakeholder Briefing

As part of its ongoing engagement with stakeholders in the context of Cosán, the Teaching Council held a Cosán Stakeholder Briefing on 11 December 2018.   Discussions on the day were framed by a paper - Common Ground in a Crowded Space. The objective of this paper, and the event more broadly, was to explore how stakeholders can collectively support teachers and schools in negotiating what many of them perceive as a turbulent and daunting reform landscape, and to unpack the common key messages in Cosán and the varying policies and initiatives that have been introduced in recent years. In essence, it appears that the best and common intentions of policy are getting lost in translation – they are seen as competing for people’s limited time and attention. Admittedly, to date, attempts  by stakeholders to address the sense of initiative overload in the system have been limited. This paper and the briefing session marks the beginning of a determined exploration of this issue with all stakeholders, with a view to finding common ground in this crowded space.