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Live Webinar Series
The Teaching Council  + PDST
Re-imagining on the cusp – what next for education post-Covid?
Thursday, 3 June 2021 at 3pm Irish Time
Meet your Panel
Tomás Ó Ruairc, Director of the Teaching Council in Ireland (Moderator)
  • Ciara O’Donnell, Director of the Professional Development Service for Teachers in Ireland.
  • Khadija Mohammed, Lecturer in University of the West of Scotland and Vice Convener of General Teaching Council of Scotland.
  • Andy Hargreaves, Research Professor in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College, United States.
  • Deborah Netolicky, Research Associate at Murdoch University and Head of Teaching and Learning in St. Mark’s Anglican Community School, Australia.
The fifth webinar of the 2021 Learning for All series will take place on Thursday, 3 June at 3pm Irish Time. The webinar is entitled ‘Re-imagining on the cusp – what next for education post-Covid?’. We are delighted to welcome panellists from Ireland, Scotland, Canada and Australia to take part in the discussion.

This webinar will take a look at how education has evolved over the past year. The pandemic has forced us to rethink education and what is important for our students. Last March, schools around the world had to react over night to the first pandemic in a century. Since then, schools have worked hard with communities to respond to their needs, some old, some new. It is fair to say that the creativity and capacity of education systems to innovate has been put to the test. How have we fared? What did we learn and how has our vision for the future of education changed?

There is now a greater awareness of the importance of teaching as a social and relational process, while the need for quality learning environments for all students is better understood. How can we build on and scale the new ideas and practices which have emerged?

Digital Strategy for Schools
Open Call for Submissions on the Development of the new Digital Strategy for Schools.
Summer Provision 2021
Over the past few months, the Teaching Council has been actively engaging with the Department of Education and the Irish Primary Principals' Network (IPPN) regarding the Summer Provision. The following Frequently Asked Questions have been designed to support the provision of accurate information and direction to registered teachers.

What is Summer Provision?

Summer Provision is a programme that offers tuition to students with a range of particular/additional needs during the summer months. It can be offered either in school or in the student’s home in line with specific criteria depending on the particular needs of the student(s). It is available to both primary and post-primary aged students. It was previously known as the July Provision Scheme.

Where do I find information about the Summer Provision?

All the relevant Summer Provision information including terms and conditions is available on the Department of Education’s website here. This year Summer Provision has been extended at both primary and post-primary level.

Who can work on Summer Provision?

All registered teachers are eligible to work on the Summer Provision. This includes teachers registered under Primary, Post-primary, Further Education and Route 4 Other. Please note that Graduate Teachers 2021 and PME student teachers registered under Further Education are eligible to provide Summer Provision 2021 once they meet the criteria set out in the Department’s overview documents.

I am a teacher, how do I find a job on Summer Provision?

To help teachers and SNAs identify summer provision vacancies in schools, the IPPN has created a Summer Provision Noticeboard for teachers and SNAs. Teachers wishing to work on summer provision can post a notice indicating their interest, availability and locality. The noticeboards will help schools and parents find relevant staff in their local area and can be used across all settings; primary, special schools, post-primary and home provision. Teachers/SNAs can also check the noticeboards for vacancies in their area of expertise and locality. You can view this noticeboard on
Please note that to access the noticeboards and/or post a notice as a teacher/SNA, you must first register with

I am a school/parent, how do I find a teacher/SNA for Summer Provision?

To help schools/parents identify available teachers/SNAs for summer provision, the IPPN noticeboards can be used. Schools/Parents looking for relevant staff can post notices with vacancies to find relevant staff in their local area. Notices can be submitted for all settings; primary, special schools, post-primary and home provision. Schools/Parents can also check the noticeboards for notices posted by available teachers/SNAs. You can view this noticeboard on
Please note that to access the noticeboards and/or post a notice as a school/parent, you must first register with

Where can I go to get more information?

Queries in relation to eligibility or employment on Summer Provision should be directed to the Department of Education by email to

Queries in relation to and the noticeboards should be directed to the IPPN by email to
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