Register Your Availability for Substitution Needs

The re-opening of schools, and keeping them open, in the next academic year is an absolute priority for the State and for school communities nationwide, most particularly teachers, pupils, parents and families.

One of the most critical areas of need will be to ensure that registered teachers are available to fill substitution requirements that are likely to arise due to COVID-19. It is anticipated that sick leave will increase in the next school year. Schools will need more substitute teachers than usual to fill the resulting gaps.

Any teachers registered with the Teaching Council who are in a position to provide more substitution and supervision or to fill vacancies, are asked to register their availability through and in particular through the Sub Seeker platform for short-term substitution requirements.

Teachers who are graduating this summer are asked to follow the instructions, including completing their vetting, in the email that they receive from the Teaching Council when the results have transferred over from the higher education institutions.

Please see email from Tomás Ó Ruairc, Director of the Teaching Council, in relation to enhancing supply of teachers 2020-2021 here

If you have any queries about this process, please contact