Qualified in Ireland in the Current Year

Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) Primary/Post-primary, Montessori 

Each year the Council offers a priority registration process to Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) - the NQT fast track registration process.

Step 1 –Vetting

If you are already registered with the Teaching Council you do not need to re-apply for vetting for registration purposes. Please proceed to Step 2 below.

Please follow the guidelines carefully as applications / documents not correctly submitted will cause delays for everyone and cannot be processed.

1. Create an online account by clicking on this link Account Creation NQT (teachingcouncil.ie)

2. When you have created your online account or if you already have an online account, please access the NQT Vetting application here NQT Vetting Application (teachingcouncil.ie)

Please note these links must only be used by NQTs (Newly Qualified Teachers) in Ireland.

As part of the Vetting process you will be required to upload proof of identity and proof of address. Double check that your name and address is consistent on the documents and the documents are dated appropriately. Please refer to the required proof of identity and proof of address information before you start and have scans/photos of these documents to hand for upload.

If you have lived overseas for a cumulative period of more than 12 months after the age of 18 you will be required to provide police clearance for each jurisdiction you have lived in. Further information is available at Overseas Police Clearance.

The Teaching Council can only accept vetting carried out by the Council for registration purposes. Vetting via another body such as a sports club or voluntary organisation cannot be accepted and will delay your registration.

Step 2 – Consent for transfer of student details from the HEI

Your course provider will contact you to ask for your consent to transfer your details to the Teaching Council. This will include the following:

  • Name
  • PPSN Number
  • Title
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Personal email address
  • Mobile number
  • Qualification Result
  • Qualification title
  • Course Duration
  • Year of Award
  • Subject methodology (post-primary only)

When contacted please follow your course providers instructions and submit the consent in the format requested.


a) If you do not consent to this process, your final results will not be transferred to the Council for the fast-track registration process and you will have to apply via the standard application process which can take longer.

b) Please ensure that the email address you provide is the same as the one provided for vetting.

Step 3 – Character Reference

As part of the registration process, the Council must be satisfied that all applicants for registration are fit and proper persons to be admitted onto the Register of Teachers. This is a legal requirement set out in the Teaching Council Acts 2001-2015. The Council has asked the course providers to give a bulk character reference for NQT applicants as part of the transfer of results process. Should a college/university decline to provide such a reference for an applicant they will notify the applicant and the Council so that alternative arrangements can be considered. This will happen automatically, and applicants do not need to do anything.

Step 4 – Registration

Provided you have granted consent (Step 2) to your course provider, your personal details and final results will be transferred to the Teaching Council on successful completion of your teacher education qualification.

On receipt of this information the Council can commence the registration process and issue you with a secure link to complete your NQT registration application online. We kindly ask that you do not contact the Council for status reports during the registration process as this will delay the processing of all registrations.

If you are registering for the first time it is important to upload the required documentation when making your registration application to avoid any delays. Please refer to requirements below:

Academic Transcripts

You are required to submit full academic transcripts (all years and result confirmed) for your undergraduate qualification in the following scenarios:

1. If you have completed a consecutive Post-primary teacher education qualification (Professional Masters of Education (PME)) and did not partake in the PME Verification project in your first year of your qualification.

2. You have completed a consecutive Primary teacher education qualification (Professional Masters of Education).

Already Registered with the Council

If you are already registered with the Council under another route, you will still need to complete Step 2 above (Consent for transfer of your details to the Council). Please note your registration number will not change and there is no requirement to submit an additional registration fee or to re-apply for Garda vetting (for registration purposes). We will issue you with a secure link to complete your NQT registration online.

If you are registering as a Newly Qualified Teacher under the Post-primary route your registration under the Further Education route will be removed. If you wish to retain this route please confirm by email to nqt@teachingcouncil.ie quoting your registration number before 30th August 2022.

Issuing your Certificate of Registration

When your registration is finalised you will receive an email issuing a Certificate of Registration through our online “My Registration” facility. You will also be able to update your contact details and renew your registration annually online. Please keep a note of your anniversary date and renew on time to maintain your registration.

You can access full details in relation to registration and conditions in the Registration handbook. This also includes full details in relation to the condition of Droichead.

2022 Residency Requirements (Post Primary Language subjects only)

In light of the continued impact of the pandemic during the current academic year, the following changes in relation to the residential experience requirement has been introduced for graduates of post-primary languages programmes of Initial Teacher Education in summer 2022.

As part of the curricular subject requirements for all post-primary languages (including Gaeilge), there is a residential experience requirement of a period of 2 months/8 weeks. The Council has reduced this requirement to 6 weeks given restrictions which were in place on travel up until recently. If you have not fully met the 6-week requirement when applying for registration with the Council, you will be granted registration with conditions. This will allow you to work as a fully qualified teacher while giving you additional time to fulfil the outstanding balance of the residency requirement. Extensions to this time may be requested under the Council’s standard extension request process.

  • Evidence of verifiable residential experience in the country of the language or where the language is the vernacular (spoken language) must be supplied when applying for registration with the Council. This may be evidenced on your academic transcript of results or by submitting one of the following:
    • A copy of your transcript of results which confirms residency of 6 weeks in the country/area for the majority of languages. Please note if the transcript states “Off Campus/Erasmus Programme” and does not confirm the programme was undertaken in a specific country, this must be confirmed in an accompanying letter from the relevant Higher Education Institution.
    • A copy of your passport evidencing that you are a native of that country. N.B. This is not acceptable for the subject of Irish/ Gaeilge.
    • A letter/statement from your employer/college/landlord in that country. In the case of employer/landlord, contact details such as a phone number and an email address is required. For the subject of Irish/Gaeilge, this should evidence residency in a Gaeltacht area.
    • For the subject of Irish/Gaeilge, evidence that you are a native of a Gaeltacht area may be submitted (e.g. utility bill, financial statement, electoral register correspondence or evidence that your family was in receipt of the Scéim Labhairt na Gaeilge (SLG) grant for Gaeltacht families) or a letter/statement from a Gaelcholaiste confirming that you attended a Post Primary Gaelcholáiste to Leaving Certificate level.

This registration option will be kept in place for all 2022 graduate teachers registering up until 31 December 2022.

Further Education

Applicants wishing to register as a teacher in the Further Education sector must meet the requirements set out in Route 3 of the Teaching Council [Registration] Regulations 2016 and The Teaching Council [Registration] (Amendment) Regulations 2016.

Principle Conditions for Admission to the Register


Evidence of Character– including Vetting (mandatory).

Application Process

Teachers should apply for registration online via the My Registration portal paying particular attention to the supporting documentation required. Registration is subject to vetting.

Before you start an application online, please ensure you have the following information to hand:

  • Photos/scans of academic transcript. Module descriptors may also be required where transcripts are not sufficiently detailed
  • Photos/scans of acceptable proof of ID and proof of address
  • Employment contact details
  • Employment history
  • Completed Fit and Proper Person assessment form

You will be able to save your application and return to it later if required. You have three months from the date of commencement to complete and submit your application. Any applications that remain unsubmitted after three months will be deleted.

Please refer to the Guidance notes before starting your application.