Round Six of the John Coolahan Research Support Framework

The Framework offers support to teachers and others in using existing research to inform their practice, or in carrying out new research, either in collaboration with others or independently. The Framework is a key element of the Council’s CROÍ Research Series (Collaboration and Research for Ongoing Innovation) which places a strong emphasis on research activities which strengthen the links between research, policy and practice, and on collaboration among teachers, and between teachers and other stakeholders in education.

The Framework consists of two separate but complementary schemes: the Researchers in Residence Scheme (RiRS) for schools engaged in existing research, and the Research Bursary Scheme (RBS) for teachers engaged in new research.

The Teaching Council is currently accepting applications for the Research Bursary Scheme.

Under the sixth round of the John Coolahan Research Support Framework, the Research Bursary Scheme (RBS) launched on 16 November 2022. Applications will be accepted until 3pm on Thursday, 19 January 2023.

Read more about it in our dedicated Ezine.

The Guidance Notes and application form are available below.

  • Guidance Notes
    • All information relating to the RBS application criteria are available in the Guidance Notes. Potential applicants are urged to read these notes carefully prior to submitting an application.
    • Download the Round 6 Guidance Notes.
  • Application Form (Microsoft Forms link)  
    • Please complete the Microsoft Forms application form. A copy of the submitted application can be requested after submission. Should you have any difficulty in submitting your application, please contact us on
    • For reference purposes only, applicants can view all application questions prior to completing the online application form.
    • Read the Application Questions


Applicants are strongly advised to avoid submission close to the deadline. Leaving the application until very near to the deadline may lead to submission failure caused by excessive traffic or issues with applicants' own browser/technical setup. It is the sole responsibility of candidates to submit applications in good time and to ensure that they are complete.