Self-Facilitation Materials

The Teaching Council has developed this suite of materials to support schools in self-facilitating workshops around professional learning and Cosán. We have prepared these guidance notes to support teachers wishing to facilitate two workshops. Ideally, prior to undertaking the school-based workshops one teacher from the school will have attended a Cosán workshop facilitated by the Teaching Council (in an Education Centre or other venue), or the school will have contacted the Teaching Council to arrange a support visit or meeting. Enquiries in this regard should be addressed to As a rough guide, it is suggested that each workshop could be completed in a 45-60 minute session but it is of course at schools’ discretion to determine their own timings, and indeed, how they use the materials.

Click on the workshop or follow-up session below for further guidance.

Workshop 1

The purpose of this workshop is to facilitate teachers’ reflection on their own learning, and familiarise them with the Cosán framework. The following is a suggested outline for the workshop. These materials can of course be adapted to a school’s particular circumstances. Click here to download the complete workshop guide, including links to further support material.

Follow Up

As a follow-up to Workshop 1, teachers are encouraged to explore the full framework document and a range of other support materials. Click here to access the framework, and here to access other materials on professional learning and reflection.

Workshop 2

This workshop encourages participants to explore how they currently reflect on their professional learning, and importantly, the impact of this on their practice. It further explores how they might advance their thinking around reflecting on professional learning.  Click here to download the complete workshop guide, including links to further support material.

Focus Groups

As part of the development process for Cosán, the national framework for teachers’ learning, participating schools are exploring their engagement in professional learning, and their reflection on that learning. The Teaching Council has drawn from the Department of Education and Skills’ ‘Wellbeing Focus Group – A Guide for School Staff’ to develop this guide for school staff wishing to conduct a focus group discussion to support that process.