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Statement of Purpose

Our statement of purpose is set out in the Teaching Council Strategic Plan 2022 to 2027.

“The Teaching Council promotes and supports the highest standards in teachers’ professionalism and teacher education through effective policies, regulation and research. We seek to foster a conducive landscape for sustainable and responsive teaching and learning in our communities. We do this by collaborating with the Department of Education and all stakeholders in an increasing diversity of innovative ways. This work will ensure quality teaching and learning for all, through enhanced creativity, inclusion, diversity, leadership, and wellbeing. This in turn will further develop public confidence and trust in the teaching profession in Ireland, and in education more broadly”

Statutory Functions

The Council’s statutory functions are set out in the Teaching Council Acts 2001, as amended and include the following:

  • promote and regulate the teaching profession
  • maintain and improve standards of teaching, knowledge, skill, and competence
  • establish and maintain the register of teachers
  • conduct inquiries into and, where appropriate, impose sanctions in relation to, the fitness to teach of any registered teacher
  • establish, publish, review and maintain a code of professional conduct for teachers, which will include standards of teaching, knowledge, skill and competence, and
  • promote teachers’ ongoing learning.

The Teaching Council Code of Practice

Code of Practice