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We talked to teachers about the importance of diversity in the classroom and why everyone deserves to be seen.


Ntube Ntoko (Student teacher, post-primary):

Basically I was doing a course in Cavan Institute which was midwifery and then when the maths teacher came in I just lit up like everything just came back from when i was back in school everything was so easy and I was like I’m more excited about doing maths than I am doing nursing so I said I’m surely doing the wrong thing.


I feel like my teachers always believed in me and they always said you’re more than capable of what you think you can. Even when I’d be frustrated they were like “Ntube it’s you!” “You can do this” so because of that belief in me, I kind of believed in myself.

When I walk into school and you see an African student, they look at you and they nod. It’s just that nod, I don’t know how to explain it but you just see someone that’s like you and you nod your head even if you don’t know them.

Even with some other minorities there’s overlap in a sense you know with the minority thing so they kind of like also embrace you because they see you something in you that is like them.

I actually love it because I mean like if I can do it then so they can. If I can inspire anyone to see me and see that, “Okay I can be like her” then I’ve done part of my job as a teacher you know to just open another door for them.


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