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Before you begin your Form D, it is important to note that there are a number of steps to this process. These steps are detailed below:

    1. Login to your Login/My Registration portal account
    2. Click on My Conditions
    3. Click on View Details against your Droichead condition
    4. Click Form D Application

    You are required to complete the Form D application in the order it appears before you.

    As you are completing your Form D application, you will note that some sections of the form will be pre-populated with information that you are previously provided when you submitted your Droichead application.

    The following is a breakdown of the Form D sections:

    A. Personal Details: This section is pre-populated, however you can update contact details if required.

    B. Employment Details: This information is carried across from your Droichead application. This section is pre-populated and cannot be changed. If this information is incorrect, you must contact the Teaching Council by emailing or phoning 01 651 7900.

    C. School based induction – Strand A: This section requires you to:

        1. Provide the date you concluded your Droichead process – this date cannot be in the future.
        2. Confirm your completed school-based induction over a period of not less than 60 days (primary) or 200 hours (post-primary).

    D. Professional Learning Activities – Strand B: This section requires you to provide information on:

        1. Cluster Meeting completion, including uploading Certificate(s) of Completion
        2. Professional Learning Activities
        3. Reflective Practice

    E. Joint Declaration: Once you have inputted relevant data and        uploaded required documents in sections A-D above, you must then download and print the Joint Declaration (5 pages in total). Your data and uploaded documents will be saved to the Form D application. You can then revisit your Form D via the Applications section on your My Registration portal account. See Step 3 below for further information.

You and your Professional Support Team (PST) members must then review the 5 pages of your Joint Declaration for accuracy. Once satisfied, you and all PST members must sign* the Joint Declaration. If you need to amend your Joint Declaration, you can do so by revisiting your Form D, updating the relevant field(s) on the Form, and downloading an updated Joint Declaration.

You must have the Joint Declaration stamped* using the official school stamp and then sign* and date it yourself before uploading all pages against your Form D. You can revisit your Form D via the Applications section of your My Registration portal account. See step 3 below.

*Please Note: Digital signatures and digital stamps will not suffice. Signatures and stamps must be original. Where the school does not have an official stamp, you may, when uploading the Joint Declaration include an email from your school confirming this.

*Please Note: The Teaching Council has the right to verify all documentation received. Completed Form Ds are verified on a regular basis with Professional Support Team members. The Teaching Council takes the falsification of documents very seriously. Falsifying documents constitutes misconduct and may result in disciplinary action by the Teaching Council.

Follow these next steps to upload your signed and stamped Joint Declaration against your Form D:

  1. Login to your Login/My Registration portal account
  2. Click on Applications
  3. Under My In Progress Application, locate your unsubmitted Form D and click on Continue. This will open your Form D with your saved details.
  4. Click on the Joint Declaration tab/section at the top of the form
  5. Under Upload your Joint Declaration, click on the Choose File button and upload the 5 pages of your Joint Declaration Form
  6. Submit your Form D