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What is the tailored process for Ukrainian teachers? 

Unlike the standard process, we will assess your qualifications after your initial registration. You will be registered with a condition of Qualification Assessment.

The vetting and police clearance processes have been adjusted to ensure that standards are maintained while taking account of the unique situation in Ukraine.

Am I eligible to apply?

You can apply for registration as a primary, post-primary or special education teacher if you meet the following two requirements:

  • You have been granted Temporary Protection under the EU Temporary Protection Directive and can provide evidence of Temporary Protection Status from the Department of Justice in the Republic of Ireland.


  • You are qualified as a teacher in Ukraine and can supply:
    • evidence of a qualification as a teacher from the Ukrainian University in which you qualified, or
    • evidence of registration or
    • a licence to teach in Ukraine.

Applications that do not meet these eligibility requirements will be refused access to this process.

You are deemed a qualified teacher if you:

  • Have completed a teacher education qualification and
  • Can provide evidence of qualification as a teacher from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and/or from the Ukrainian university in which you qualified.

If you don’t meet the eligibility criteria

You may wish to consider applying for registration under Further Education if you hold a third-level qualification at minimum Level 8 on the NFQ, but:

  • Do not hold a teacher education qualification, or
  • Do not meet the requirements for a curricular subject.

Routes of registration

You must select the route of registration that applies to you.

Route 1 – Primary

You hold a teacher education qualification aimed at 4-12 year old pupils.

Route 2 – Post-primary

You hold a teacher education qualification aimed at 12-18 year old pupils and meet the  Teaching Council Curricular Subject Requirements for at least one curricular subject.

Route 4 – Other

You hold a teacher education qualification specialising in the area of special educational needs.

If your registration is granted with conditions

You may receive registration with conditions if your application has not fulfilled all of the Council’s registration requirements.

We will contact you by email if this is the case and explain:

  • The conditions
  • What you need to do to meet them
  • The timeframe you have to meet them.

We will record the conditions on the Register of Teachers and on your letter.

The applicable conditions may include:

Qualifications assessment

Your qualification may need to be assessed

English Language Requirement

Shows your English level is high enough

Police clearance

Shows you have clearance from police to teach

Irish Language Requirement (primary teachers)

Shows you can teach Irish and a range of curricular subjects through the medium of Irish

History and Structure of the Irish Education System (post-primary teachers)

Shows you have an understanding of the Irish education system

Droichead (induction process)

Shows you have completed your teacher induction

How to apply

To start your application, please email to request the forms and guidance notes.