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If your probation is only partially completed

You will have to complete your probation process if:

  • You did the first 50 days of the probationary process, but still need to complete the final 50 days
  • You previously engaged in the probationary process but were not successful.

Option 1: You complete Droichead if you are employed for 60 days or more in an eligible setting.

If can’t meet the 60-day requirement

Option 2: You can complete Droichead if employed for 50-59 days in an eligible setting as the 50 days or more service that you completed is recognised as up to 10 days of credit.


Option 3: You can complete Droichead in a minimum of 50 days if you started the probationary process during the 2019/2020 school year.

After you complete probation

When complete, please:

  • Log in to your My Registration account
  • Upload evidence of completing this condition

You can read more information on this legacy option in the Post-qualification Professional Practice Procedures and Criteria (PDF).