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You can complete the condition in two ways:

  • Option 1: Do an aptitude test called SCG – An Scrúdú le hAghaidh Cáilíochta sa Ghaeilge
  • Option 2: Teach in the area of shortfall (adaptation period). This is called OCG – Oiriúnú le hAghaidh Cáilíochta sa Ghaeilge. It confirms your ability to teach Irish in the classroom.

You are granted conditional registration when you are in the process of completing this requirement.

You must provide proof of three weeks’ attendance at a Gaeltacht course recognised by the Department of Education to complete the SCG or the OCG.

When complete, please:

  • Log in to your My Registration account
  • Upload evidence of completing this condition

Both the SCG and OCG administered by Institiúid Oideachais Marino, Dublin 9.

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