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  • First registration: €90
  • Registration renewal: €65

Renew your registration with My Registration. You can use your credit or debit card.

You can claim income tax relief on the annual registration renewal fee as part of the flat rate expense allowance for teachers.

Log in to your MyAccount on to claim your tax relief.

Please send any questions on the tax relief to Revenue.

Process for removing names from the register

Your registration is valid for 12 months from the date of your registration.

To remain on the register, you must renew your registration before it expires.

You will receive a registration renewal notice six weeks before your renewal date.

If you do not renew in time, you will receive a final notice by registered post.

If you do not renew within one month of the date on the final notice, your name will automatically be removed from the register.

Expiring conditions

In order to renew your registration with conditions that are expiring within six months of your renewal date, you must either:

  • Submit evidence of completion of the condition(s), or
  • Apply for an extension request via ‘My Registration’.

You must address conditions expiring before your condition(s) expiry date or you will be removed from the register.


You can’t renew your registration until you do vetting with the NVB. (If you are required to re-vet by the Teaching Council.)

You must address any invitation to re-vet, before your renewal date, or you will be removed from the register as a result of this.

How to re-apply

A teacher may re-apply for registration at any time by:

  • Completing the full application process on My Registration.
  • Completing the vetting process.
  • Submitting transcripts and other supporting documentation.

Registration cannot be completed without a successful vetting result. At periods of high demand, vetting may take a number of weeks to complete.

About fees and the Teaching Council

The Council is a self-funding body. This means it is funded primarily by annual registration renewal fees. This is under Section 23 of the Teaching Council Act, 2001 – 2015.