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To apply to return to the Register, you will need to complete the REG-01 online application form. Please see below for list of required documentation and guidance for completing each section of the online form:

List of required documentation

Please ensure to have the following information to hand when commencing your application for registration:

  • Evidence of name change e.g. marriage certificate or deed poll, if the name on your transcripts is different to the name on your application
  • Download the Character Reference form and have it fully completed, signed, stamped, and dated by a relevant person as listed on the form.
  • Vetting – if you have not been vetted through the Teaching Council in the last 18 months, you will need to have identification, proof of address and Overseas Police Clearance documents (where applicable). Please refer to step 5 of the guidance below.
  • Debit/Credit card

Guidance for completing each section of the online REG-01 form

Please select the route of registration under which you wish to apply for registration. For example:

  • Route 1 Primary, or
  • Route 2 – Post-primary, or
  • Route 3 Further Education, or
  • Route 4 Other.

This section will pre-populate with the details from your previous registration. Please review and if necessary, update your personal details.

Please complete this section in full for each qualification you hold. You will not be required to upload academic transcripts of results for qualifications held at the time of previous registration, as the Council can retrieve these from your file.

However, please note that the application system will request that you upload this documentation to proceed with your application. In lieu of uploading transcripts, you may upload a blank page.

Character Reference  – please upload a scan/photo of the completed form.

  • If you have been vetted through the Teaching Council in the last 18 months, you will not need to apply for vetting.
  • If you have not been vetted through the Teaching Council in the last 18 months, you will need to apply for vetting.
    • To apply, please follow the steps on the vetting invitation section of the REG-01 online application form.
    • If you have lived outside of the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland for a cumulative period of 12 months or more since turning 18, you must also provide police clearance for each country in which you have resided.

Note: You will be prompted by the system to advise whether you will need to apply for Vetting as part of the application process.

Please complete this form in full, outlining the details of your current and previous teaching service.

If you qualified as a teacher outside of Ireland, please tick the relevant section.

In submitting you application for registration, you are confirming the declarations to be correct. Therefore, carefully read this section before moving on to the next section to submit your application.

Pay the €90 registration fee.

Please note all the required documentation must be submitted to avoid a delay in processing your application.   

Please log in to your My Registration Account where you may apply for registration.  

If you have not yet set up a My Registration Account, select the “Create Accountto proceed .

If you have any queries please email