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As a school employer, you cannot employ a person until you have received a vetting disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau for that person. 

The teacher must use Digitary to share the file with you and comply with the law. 

This is a requirement under Section 12 of the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016. 

Some limited exceptions to this requirement are set out in Department of Education and Skills (DES) Circular 0031/2016. 

The Teaching Council is the ‘relevant organisation’ acting on behalf of recognised school employers for the purpose of the National Vetting Bureau vetting for teachers. 

This is under Section 8 of the National Vetting Bureau Acts 2012 to 2016.

Digitary in an online platform that allows teachers to view their vetting disclosure (result document) and share it electronically with current and prospective school employers. 

It replaces the Teaching Council’s vetting result letter which teachers were previously required to present to school employers. 

The school employer may:

  • contact the teacher to ensure that the email address is correct
  • ask the teacher to share the document again.

If difficulties continue, the teacher must contact the Vetting Section of the Teaching Council to find another way to share the disclosure with the school employer.


Phone +353 1 651 7900


At the top of the document screen, click on the second icon and save it. 

(The icon is circled in red below.) 

After you save it to your device, you can print it.  

As this is confidential information, you must store the document securely.  

Keeping a copy is a requirement 

DES Circular 0031/2016 states that a school authority must print and retain a copy of the disclosure for its records. 

A validity period for a vetting disclosure is not specified in the National Vetting Bureau Act. 

National Vetting Bureau vetting disclosures are available to the school/employer via Digitary.  

As school employer, by receiving this disclosure before the teacher starts the employment, you are meeting the requirement under Section 12 of the Act. 

Section 9 of DES Circular 0031/2016 discusses prudent practice on when to seek an up-to-date disclosure for a potential employee. 


You can seek an updated vetting disclosure if you consider that this is needed as prudent practice. In this case, you can request the teacher apply via the Teaching Council for an up-to-date disclosure. 

Digitary will only display the most recent vetting disclosure. 

If a teacher applies for an updated vetting disclosure, the updated disclosure will be uploaded to Digitary and will replace any previous disclosure. 

Please go to the following websites for further information on vetting: 

Department of Education  – 

National Vetting Bureau – 

Further information on Digitary can be obtained at 

Yes. Teachers can view their document and only they can choose whom to share the document with. 

Digitary protects against any changes being made to official documents. 

To use Digitary, the Teaching Council had to be vetted and put in place processes regarding security. 

You can read further information on Digitary on