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Digitary allows teachers to view and share their vetting disclosure (result document) electronically with current and prospective school employers.

It replaces the Teaching Council’s vetting result letter which teachers were previously required to present to school employers.

It allows teachers and school employers to comply with the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016.

You can use the “Take a Tour” option on Digitary to familiarise yourself with how to use the platform

If you have the original email

Please use the link in the email from the Teaching Council about your vetting disclosure being available. If it’s not in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder.

You can read instructions on how to register and activate your Digitary account on their website: How to Access your Vetting Disclosure.

If you do not have the original email

If you do not have the original email, please contact the Teaching Council on and request the email to be re-issued.

  • Log in to Digitary.
  • On the “Documents” page, there is a document named My Document 1.
  • Click “View” to view your document (displayed below with red circle).
  • Rename the document for your records

In the Document Information section, you can rename your document. 

  • The document name is My Document 1 as circled in red and highlighted below in blue. 
  • Click on My Document 1 and type in the name you wish to call the document. 
  • Click on the √ to save, for example, Vetting June 2016 (Lisa Murtagh).

To download and save and save the document:

  • Click on the second icon on the left-hand side (highlighted with the red circle below)
  • Save it on your device.

You can then print your document.

Your document is valid for three years. The Teaching Council will email you and invite you to apply for re-vetting.

If you change positions, your new school employer can also request that you are re-vetted.

You can only have one vetting disclosure displayed on Digitary.

You can create Document Shares on Digitary. These are secure and unique links that point to your document(s).

Log in to Digitary

On the “Documents” page, you will see My Document 1 (or the renamed document)

Click “Share” (displayed below with red circle).

Following this link, you can share your vetting disclosure online using the intended recipient’s email address. 

When sharing a document, you can further control access by creating a unique PIN number and expiry date. See the screenshot below

Yes. Vetting disclosures are only available online.  

If a school cannot view your vetting disclosure, please contact the Vetting Section of the Teaching Council. 


Phone +353 1 651 7900 

We will work with you to find another arrangement.  

You can read the Department of Education and Skills Circular 0031/2016 that informed schools that vetting disclosures are to be only available online. 

Please ensure you have registered your account using the same email we sent the notification to. This is most frequent reason for not being able to see your document. 

To check your email address: 

  • Log in with the provider/ from the dropdown menu next to your name. 
  • Go to your Profile Settings. 
  • Under Email Addresses, click Verify. 
  • You will receive an email. 
  • Follow the instructions to verify your email address.

If the recipient cannot see your document:

  1. Ensure the verifier is entering their email address NOT your email address (if prompted)
  2. Ensure your share is not expired or disabled. Check this by:
    • Going into Sharing.
    • Clicking on your share to view details.
    • Clicking Edit to change your share details

Yes. To view a history of the documents you have shared:

  • Log in to Digitary.
  • Click “Sharing” on the left-hand side menu.
  • This will give details of each of the “Shares” that you have created.

Yes. To view the share history and activity of your document:

  • Log in to Digitary.
  • Click “Sharing” on the left-hand side menu.
  • This will display all the “Shares” that you have created.
  • Locate the “Share” you wish to view the history of.
  • Choose the “Share” by clicking the link of that “Share” in the Name column.
  • Click the blue button “View Activity” to see the Activity History.


  • Log in to Digitary
  • Click “Sharing” on the left-hand side menu.
  • This will display all the Shares that you have created.
  • Locate the Share you wish to cancel.
  • Click on the Disable button.

Please go to the following websites for further information on vetting:

When you are re-vetted and the new vetting disclosure is uploaded to Digitary, your old vetting disclosure is cancelled and cannot be accessed.

Yes. Teachers can view their document and only they can choose whom to share the document with.

Digitary protects against any changes being made to official documents.

In order to use Digitary, the Teaching Council had to be vetted and put in place processes regarding security.

You and read further information on Digitary on